Ronna Detrick left the church and its dogma nearly twenty years ago but took the stories of women with her, longing for them to be seen, heard, and honored apart from doctrine and dogma. She gave a provocative TEDx presentation on an Eve who inspires and empowers women instead of shaming and silencing them and she is the author of "Rewriting Eve: Rescuing Women's Stories from the Bible and Reclaiming Them as Our Own." She holds a BA in Business and Communications and a Master of Divinity degree focused on feminist theology. Her career has spanned human resources, training and development, executive leadership, and since 2009, coaching and spiritual direction. She lives just minutes from the Atlantic Ocean in Hampstead, NC, where she continues to write, drink strong coffee, have beautiful conversations with her clients, and stand firm in her belief that her two daughters are the most amazing humans on the planet. Learn more at

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