Episode 116

Dr. Nanilea Diamond - Remembering The Feminine Blueprint


March 2nd, 2022

1 hr 19 mins 9 secs

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About this Episode

In this episode, Monica speaks to Dr. Nanilea Diamond about this time in our evolution and remembering the feminine blueprint.

I was positively on fire after recording this episode with Dr. NaniLea Diamond. Every cell in my body was vibrating. I know this happens to me when I am in the presence of someone who carries a very potent medicine within their message and through their being.

I was first tuned into Dr. Nanilea’s work through a mutual friend and was positively thrilled when she said yes to recording with me. Like many of us who have been integrating the experience of the pandemic, she too is emerging from another cycle of dormancy to bring her work to the world in a bigger way, and I’m so excited to share it with you!

  • What do your energy and frequency have to do with our ability to create?
  • How are women conditioned to stay in the patriarchal illusion of scarcity, and how does it impact us?
  • We are currently in an emergent 4,000-year cycle of feminine energy that’s influencing our planet. We are also in three new evolutionary cycles accelerating on the planet that have never been seen before. What does this mean for women?
  • How can women embrace and create with this new energy?
  • What does it cost women to not show up powerfully at this time?
  • How can women ride the waves of energy happening and embrace the initiation process into a new awareness?
  • What is the feminine blueprint, and how can we remember it?

Dr. Nanilea Diamond is an expert in Energy Dynamics and is here to bring women into their Full Glory through accessing, aligning with, and creating from their feminine power. Dr. Nanilea has extensive training and experience in working with the patterning of the human nervous system, and a specialty in working with women in feminine leadership, and high achiever lifestyle. She is the creator of the Feminine Blueprint, a design that offers women a feminine approach and model to life leadership that aligns with her feminine intelligence, essence, and guidance system.

Dr. Nanilea has founded several successful businesses over the last two decades with wellness centers in San Francisco and Beverly Hills, working with thousands of people seeking peak performance and cutting edge energy-based technologies to give them access to new possibilities in the human experience. Nanilea is currently based out of Austin, Texas, where she lives with her husband and son and has founded Sacred Feminine Leadership, a tribe of women here to break the mold and build the new.

Nanilea has helped thousands of women transform their lives. She often meets women at crossroads in their lives and helps them use the experience as an opportunity for accelerated growth and awakening. She has worked with women in a wide range of experiences, from extreme trauma to women navigating the nuances of entrepreneurship, dating, marriage, children, and their own sacred dreams and passions. Nanilea thrives on meeting women wherever they are, seeing them as the version of themselves in their full glory and helping them awaken to living that. Then, from that place of her cup runneth over, give to humanity in extraordinary ways. She gently holds you accountable to the embodiment and expression of your highest intentions as a woman for yourself in your life. She reminds us that what we emanate in our lived experiences is our greatest offering to the world. When we have tended to our own heart and emanate unconditional LOVE, everything in our life turns to gold... and the purpose of life is to touch as many lives as possible with that golden light. But, first, we must live it in our own embodiment.

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