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Ok, Listeners. Oh, my heart!

This story is going to blow you away. Be prepared to have your mind and heart blown wide open and keep the tissues nearby, just in case.

What happens when a couple goes from infertility to the conception of multiple eggs, has their own healthy baby, and then decides to donate the rest of their fertilized eggs so that they can be adopted by another family who is having trouble conceiving?

Well, you are about to bear witness to the incredible story of two remarkable women who each gave birth independently to biological siblings. Discover the bonds these two families have built in solidarity for what’s possible when you want to conceive something you might not have ever believed you could.

In this episode, you’ll meet Liz and Emma, both incredible, fun, articulate, and endearing. You’ll hear about their incredible individual stories and then how their lives were brought together through the miracle of social media. You’ll also hear the powerful love between two mothers who both hold a new vision for what it means to invite the village to raise and even help you conceive your children.

Seriously, this story is just too incredible even to try to find the words for. Just listen!

In this episode, Emma and Liz will share:

  • What embryo adoption is and isn’t.
  • How parenthood doesn’t begin just when the baby ends up in your arms - it starts when you make the decision to become a parent.
  • How the infertility journey and the "new mom" journey undo and then reshape us.
  • The bizarre and magical way Liz and Emma (and their families) became connected through embryo adoption
  • If Liz ever questioned her decision to donate her embryos and why she chose to donate vs. discard or donate to science.
  • Why Liz chose an open adoption vs. closed.
  • How family and friends regard Liz's decision to donate.
  • What are Liz's hopes for Blake, Edgar, and the other possible babies that may come in the future.
  • How Emma discovered embryo adoption as an option.
  • What helped move Emma through her infertility journey.
  • How embryo adoption is similar and different than how Liz and Emma initially envisioned them to be.
  • What people need to know about embryo adoption.
  • The current struggles, conflicts, or shadow sides to embryo adoption.
  • Emma shares what it’s like to be an embryo adoption mom.
  • Emma shares what it was like seeing Liz and Peter’s profile for the first time and knowing they had picked her and her sweetheart as the babies' family.
  • How tarot fits into Emma’s journey.
  • How embryo adoption led Emma into creating tarot and oracle card art.

Liz August is a Business & Tech Strategist who leads a virtual support team for entrepreneurs who hate figuring out all the technology and strategy it takes to have a successful online business. She does everything from website design to social media scheduling to online course creation. While Liz’s business is truly one of my saving graces, today, we are seeing the personal side of Liz as she talks to us about something very near and dear to her heart. Liz lives in Worcester, Massachusetts with her husband Peter, their four-year-old daughter, Blake, and their dog Porter. When she’s not being a tech goddess, she’s running Netflix marathons while guzzling Diet Cokes.

p.s. Liz is also MY Business Manager and helps me produce this podcast. She handles various other tasks in my online business, and she’s amazing!!! I’ve been dying to have her tell this story on the podcast with Emma!

Emma is a former social worker who’s taking time to live the mom adventure. She’s a runner, tarot reader, and budding artist. She’s in a fever of adding flowers, gold glitter, and moon imagery to any photo she finds. You can find her artwork and musings @unmadetarot on the Instagrams and the Pinterests. She lives in Pennsylvania with her sweetheart Vince, the adorable baby Edgar, the incorrigible Murphy Beagle, and the cuddly Minerva Cat.

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