Episode 153

Joel Green - Filtering

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What does filtering have to do with success? If you ask Joel Green, he would tell you- “everything.”

For him, it’s about training and disciplining your mind and emotions during life’s most challenging moments and filtering out negativity to embrace growth.

In this episode, he shares his personal story about how we can encourage our young men to embrace their challenges and emotions.

  • Discovering the purpose of pain
  • How his early childhood informed his attitudes and how early stories shaped his life.
  • How Muhammad Ali and George Foreman played a significant role in how Joel began to apply strategy to his challenges and to overcome obstacles.
  • Why our struggles are fuel for our growth.
  • Converting opposition to opportunity
  • Confronting your fears
  • How we can teach our young men to embrace their challenges along with their emotions.
  • How to rewrite negative scripts

Joel Green is CEO of Pro Level Training, the National Director of Nike Sports Camps, a former professional basketball player, and a renowned motivational speaker. After retiring from professional basketball, Joel Green founded Pro Level Training (PLT), which has become a 7-figure company. A thought leader in the motivational category, Joel Green has a B.A. in Psychology from Rider University, which has helped to fuel his ambition to inspire others. He has developed a reputation for personal excellence and motivational talks that contribute tangible advice for attaining desired goals. Many of the messages he has delivered are conveyed in his first book, Filtering: The Way to Extract Strength from the Struggle

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