Episode 155

Isabel Friend - The Science & Spirit of Water


December 21st, 2022

1 hr 26 mins 27 secs

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About this Episode

Most of us are desperately dehydrated despite drinking the recommended daily allowance of water because most of the water we drink is no longer “alive”.

In our modern world, we have stripped water of its nourishing and hydrating properties through the purification process. Through our industrial treatment of water, we’ve stripped water of it’s minerals and made most of the water highly unstable, chaotic, and incompatible with human life. This results in disease, dehydration, premature aging, and death, but the good news is that awareness can literally change everything!

Learn about proper hydration and the critical information you need to help your body properly detoxify, repair, and regenerate so that you can recover your energy, vitality, and joy!

In this episode:

  • The far-reaching intelligence of water and its role in our health and in our lives.
  • What water has to do with the cosmos and planet earth.
  • Why most of the water we drink is considered “starving water”
  • Why wild water is important for health and vitality.
  • Why water is the key to climate change and energy.
  • Why 99% of us are dehydrated
  • How water has the ability to channel information, vibration, and frequency.
  • How we can create wise, intelligent, and mature water.
  • Why we are water beings as much as we are human beings.
  • What is structured water and why should you drink it?
  • Why Water is the foundation of a unified approach to ecology, politics, medicine, and more
  • Why wild water is the fountain of youth and how you can tap in.
  • The significance of transitioning from the age of Pisces (water immersion) to the age of Aquarius (water bearers)?

Isabel Friend is an international ambassador of Water, public speaker, and educator. She seamlessly blends science and spirit into a comprehensive cosmology of Water wisdom. Spanning the practical insights of health, hydration and biology, to empowering tactics for Watershed guardianship and ecological activism, to the esoteric and subtle insights of ancient indigenous Water wisdom, to the heady scientific discoveries of cutting edge Water research, Isabel’s offerings are as multifaceted as Water itself. For the past 6 years, she has taught about Water throughout the US, Canada, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Bali, Mexico and Thailand.

Water is Life. And as such, water holds the solutions to life’s toughest questions. By shifting our relationship to Liquid Life - from resource to THE source - we tap into the vast untapped potential of free energy and boundless wisdom within us and within nature.

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