Episode 175

Michaela Carlin - The Psychedelics Of Motherhood & Earth Medicine For The Ages


July 26th, 2023

1 hr 18 mins 28 secs

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About this Episode

The word Psychedelic means -soul reveal.

When her teenaged daughter began showing signs of depression, Michaela Carlin began to research alternative therapies which led her down an unconventional rabbit hole to discover the power and potential of psychedelics.

While she did not treat her daughter, she did see an opportunity to use earth medicines for herself. So began a mothers soul-revealing journey to her own inner medicine to deconstruct the inner barriers, beliefs and behaviors that were keeping her from her own potential.

In this episode, we explore the role of earth medicines in our lives, our journey as women and mothers and the illusions and gender roles that perpetuate harm on ourselves and those we love and how earth medicine can help us to see the bigger picture while helping us to heal.

This conversation takes a deep dive into societal conditioning, breaking free from conformity, and the evolving generations that are challenging societal norms. We also talk about the power of earth medicines and the role they play in healing and reconnecting us to ourselves and the natural network of life on Earth.

With personal anecdotes, shared experiences, and insightful reflections, this episode will leave you feeling empowered and inspired and maybe even curious about the use of earth medicine in your own life.

  • Psychedelics as a therapeutic alternative for depression and personal growth
  • The lack of conversation around youth struggles with depression and mental illness
  • The impact of psychedelics on motherhood and personal transformation
  • Surrender, growth, and authenticity in motherhood and psychedelics
  • The significance of earth medicines, ceremony, and indigenous knowledge
  • Different types of psychedelics and their unique qualities
  • Integration, embodiment, and guidance through psychedelic experiences
  • Breaking free from conditioning and societal norms
  • Embracing discomfort, challenging what no longer serves us, and living a psychedelic life
  • Psychedelic generations and their role in transforming the status quo

Michaela Carlin is the host of The Psychedelic Mom Podcast. She holds space for psychedelic (soul revealing) conversations, ceremonies and transformational retreats, as well as mentoring others on how to live a psychedelic life.

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