Episode 185

Carly Mountain - Descent & Rising: Exploring the Embodiment of the Inanna Myth


October 11th, 2023

1 hr 27 mins 1 sec

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About this Episode

Meet my beautiful guest Carly Mountain and join us as we explore her powerful and transformative work on the Myth of Inanna and its relevance to our modern day lives which is often overlooked in patriarchal culture.

Carly shares her personal journey of descent and rising and finding the medicine she needed in this ancient story. Ultimately, she was inspired to make it even more accessible by adding the voices and stories of many women who have traveled this ancient map into the underworld and back again as a testament to the power of this mythical journey.

Inanna's story is for all women who are ready to know themselves more deeply, and face the shadowy depths of the unconscious realms of our being.

The portal into the underworld begins to open as a result of our own seeking, and for Carly, it began during her transition into motherhood and she shares more of her story as we get deeper into the episode.

Our discussion concludes with the importance of embracing both the light and dark aspects of ourselves, trusting our desires, and the power of our emotions.
The Inanna Myth becomes a living transmission that transcends time and space, guiding us through the personal, archetypal, and vast aspects of our existence.

Carly's raw and honest storytelling, complemented by her thought-provoking poetry, will leave you breathless and inspired. As we navigate the seven gates of the Inanna myth, from dissociation and trauma to the powerful reconnection with our bodies, we unveil the ancient map of our own healing.

More topics covered:

  • Carly's personal descent to the underworld and how it mirrors Inanna's journey,
  • How archetypal symbolism helped Carly find her own voice and reconnect with her whole being.
  • Why our culture overlooks the experiences of women.
  • Why the deep dark void is such a powerful place
  • The significance of reuniting with the parts of ourselves we've cast out, and why the journey of returning to our body is so precious.
  • The Seven Gates of Embodied Living
  • What changes when we have gone through a descent?
  • The transformative power of women's experiences and why we need to share them
  • Why the Descent and Rising is our birthright and an initiation into the sacred.

Carly Mountain is a psychotherapist, a psychosexual somatic therapist, breathworker and writer. For the last twenty years she has worked with sacred embodied practices. Her writing and work seeks to uncover what has been exiled or hidden within, that is longing to be remembered and reconnected with. Her new book Descent & Rising: Women’s Stories & the Embodiment of the Inanna Myth explores women’s real lived experiences of descent and rising, and familiarises us with a process of female psycho-spiritual growth often overlooked in patriarchal culture. Carly stumbled across the Inanna story during her own descent to the underworld and was astonished by the symmetry it held with her own experience. Since then she has devoted to working with the myth and specialises in beholding others as they traverse the depths of initiation; both in therapy, breathwork and within courses that support women’s awakening and unfolding. She lives in Sheffield, England with her husband and two daughters.

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