Episode 190

Glynda-Lee Hoffmann - The Secret Dowry of Eve: The Hidden Treasure of the Feminine Revealed


November 22nd, 2023

1 hr 28 mins 57 secs

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The real revelation came when Glynda-Lee Hoffmann started studying the Hebrew letters of the Qabalah,their patterns of energy and the profound messages they hold for us. In a moment of awe, she discovered the explosive birth of the universe encoded within the Genesis story that exposes an incredible secret about the role of Women in our human story.

The Qabalah is known as “the language of light” or as some say ”a language for the revelation of the divine light” which reveals to us a much different interpretation of the human story as told in Genesis.

Now, before you jump to any conclusions about the relevancy of the ancient story of Genesis in todays “modern times” let me assure you that this particular message is right on time with what’s happening in the world, and is actually profoundly hopeful and inspiring!

My guest, Glynda- Lee Hoffmann’s remarkable work plays like a detective story through ciphers, clues, ancient mythology and quantum science! If you’d ever listened to Jill Bolte Taylors Ted Talk called “My Stroke of Insight” then you know how profoundly inspiring her message has been as one of the most popular TED talks ever recorded! Imagine then, making a discovery about the “feminine” part of the human brain and where we are now in our human evolution that takes Jill’s Bolte Taylors “stroke of insight” even further into new territories that expand our understanding about the potential and possibility of where we are headed.

As far as Glynda and her incredible discoveries are concerned, we are at the Apex of what she insists up until now we have been in “the 7th day of creation” bringing us right to the precipice and potential timely portal into the New World! Will our primal brains, and our dominant masculine aspects keep us in lower functioning neural patterning leading to our inevitable self destruction, or will we actually transcend our limited way of seeing the world and our place in it as the feminine aspects of the brain comes online so that we can cross over the threshold into the New Earth?
Tune in to find out more in this incredible episode with Glynda- Lee Hoffman author of The Secret Dowry Of Eve: Women’s Role in Developmental Consciousness. Prepare to be amazed by what she shares about our potential fruition as the feminine (or angelic) aspect of our brains begin to blossom!

Topics covered:

  • Glynda-Lee’s work challenges the traditional narrative of Eve's subservience and offers a fresh perspective on her role in the Genesis story
  • Glynda-Lee dives deep into her lifelong study of Kabbalah
  • Combined with scientific knowledge she unveils the true significance of Eve's contribution to our transcendence and wholeness.
  • Learn how it's Eve's inner world, the feminine awareness within us, that completes and empowers us as humans.
  • Unlock the hidden secrets of the feminine and the incredible fertility of our universe.
  • Unravel the hidden symbolism within Genesis, Kabbalah/ Quabalah and fairy tales
  • Explore the connection between feminine energy, personal growth, and the path to a more nurturing culture.
  • Transform your perspective to a whole new understanding of Eve's role in human consciousness as the Hero of our Human story.
  • Glynda-Lee shares a transformative experience that unveils the secret of the universe's inception
  • Understanding the role of the prefrontal cortex in personal and social growth (Where we are now!)
  • We examine and challenge patriarchal viewpoints and emphasize feminine empowerment through the lens of the Qabalah
  • The significance of the number seven in biblical contexts.
  • The integration of feminine and masculine aspects of human awareness and how they are interdependent
  • Storytelling as a potent tool for communication and change.
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