Episode 29

Tracie Jae - The Quiet Rebel


June 23rd, 2020

55 mins 28 secs

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About this Episode

Meet Tracie Jae, founder of The Quiet Rebel and 100 Voices- A Dialog on Race and Culture.

Tracie is all about creating opportunities for conversations that shake things up, in the best way possible.

100 voices is about creating a space for authentic and grace filled conversations that makes space for the awkward and the messy, but also follow a format that uses the power of questions to invite people to listen to each other.

Her goal is to facilitate conversations that help others access personal transformation as it relates to dismantling racism. Using conversation as an instrument of change, especially now that the world has “cracked open”.

Join us as we explore Tracie’s vision for what’s possible when we dare to create brave spaces for necessary conversations that might be messy and hurtful, but also revealing and healing!

Listen in as she shares about her calling to dive more deeply into curiosity and asking questions as instruments of change and how asking questions and listening have become the pillars to her life’s work.

Learn why we must create brave space vs. safe space for women and men to have conversations about race and privilege and why she blows bubbles as a self-management tool when she is having difficult conversions, and what they remind her to do.

Laugh along with us as we talk about relationships, marriage, small talk and the situations in life that force us to self- examine.

  • We can do things differently, and shake things up if we dare to have conversations that are difficult, awkward and messy.
  • Disrupting the status quo does not have to be loud or destructive in the negative sense, sometimes it’s the quiet that makes all the difference-the listening.
  • Talking about race might be triggering, but it does not have to be mean.
  • We can be vulnerable and brave and come out on the other side but we have to be willing and we have to want to do that
  • When we believe in our minds that we are entering a safe space, we believe that we can’t get hurt. However if we go into a brave space we realize we can get hurt and recover
  • Beliefs about race both conscious and unconscious are formed within our families of origin, and so this is where the work begins.
  • Many women who have attended the 100 Voices event have started to show up differently and have become activated positively by seeing their own privilege and how it has impacted their lives and how it’s different for others who have not had the same advantages.

There are important questions at the heart of understanding ourselves, and most of us have failed to ask them.” - Tracie Jae

More about Tracie: Tracie Jae believes the world can be a better place if we focus on human to human interactions. As the Lead Rebel of the Quiet Rebel brand, she creates space for authentic, grace-filled conversations about the things that matter most. Her signature event, 100 Voices, invites participants into dialogue about race and culture. 100 Voices and events based on its framework, offer a guided conversation that welcomes self- examination and a window into our humanity through other’s lived experience. Tracie is mom to 3 adult daughters and counts them as her greatest joys.

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