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Alexis Artin - Transforming Women

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I love that magical moment when I'm diving into depths of conversation on a topic I'm passionate about only to discoer kindship with a likeminded sister. Meeting Alexis was like hanging out with someone I've known forever.

As seen in FOX, Thrive Global, Entertainment Tonight, and more, Alexis Artin is a leading Success Coach, international speaker, a writer trained in neuro-linguistic programming, and a master embodiment teacher—fully immersed in the DeMartini Method.

Having spent the past two decades propelling people towards their personal and professional best, Alexis is a woman transforming women. After working with many A-list celebrities across the board, in television and film, Alexis transitioned her passion and skillset for fostering potential and obtaining results in the world of self-development and transformation. She worked side-by-side with many of the most revered thought leaders bringing personal growth to the global stage. Alexis was the driving force behind expanding one of the largest and most respected female empowerment companies, which inspired her to channel her expertise into creating a coaching practice serving clients worldwide.

Alexis teaches others to embrace their knowing, connecting mind, body, heart, and soul. Her powerful coaching gives her clients true and lasting transformation from the inside out. An ICF-certified professional coach and Energy Leadership Master Practitioner, Alexis is also co-founder of FreeBody™ Practice and a hypnotherapist.

  • In studying with Dr. John Demartini, one concept he teaches is the paradoxical nature of the soul and the body as complementary opposites. That the soul chose the body to have an embodied experience, but the body is like an animal operating at a base level.

  • The goal is to integrate our “opposites,” our soul and body, by being present and in alignment with both, and tapping into and re-membering is a constant practice.

  • Our bodies are designed to tell us when we are not in alignment - and once cued, we can reconnect.

  • The breath is a tool, but the mind and the heart are the bridge between the body and the soul. They will align us, or they will throw us out of alignment.

  • When we are very young most of our programming is set because when we don't have resources, we are powerless, and we are then thrust into a world where we have to live by the values of the people caring for us.

  • Empowerment is about choice, period. Empowerment is about our ability to choose at any given moment.

  • Awareness is our superpower.

  • Habitual change happens in 21 days. It’s about where we've been asleep in our lives and where we want to awaken. It is being in the practice of the inquiry and at peace in our lives through the body.

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