Episode 84

Lori Snyder - The Writers Happiness Movement

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As I continue down this path of creative expression through the podcast while also attending to my writing practice, I’ve met the most extraordinary people.

This was one of those interviews that led to an expansive conversation about community and creativity, and I loved it so much.

Meet Lori Snyder, the founder of The Writer's Happiness Movement. The movement is intended to create more joy, psychic space, and financial support for all writers so that they can do what they do - help make the world a better place by writing whatever it is they write about.

As an author herself and a former marine biologist, Lori's book The Circus At The End of the Sea will be out on October 19, 2021 from Harper Collins.

Lean in as we explore a conversation about imagining a new reality for the world's future by supporting those who can write it into being.
It sometimes takes a village to birth something new and meaningful into the world.

  • It’s important to be clear about who we are and what we are creating so that our creations can honor what is unique about what wants to be expressed vs. an imitation of what’s already out there.
  • Creativity takes time, and it’s important that we learn how to stop being busy.
  • “Time off” is exactly what we need in order to produce something amazing, and our culture does not support taking this time.
  • We all need to create psychic space where we can create.
  • “Enough” is an incredibly powerful word for many reasons - it creates space.
  • If we are disassociating or have experienced trauma and have not processed it, we may have difficulty using our imaginative powers until we resolve and process those events.
  • Imagination leads us to freedom from all bonds- so it’s critically important for us to get in touch with ours.
  • The Writer's Happiness Movement is an idea that can change the world because it supports the writers who are reimagining the world in ways that are so needed.

You can contribute to a vision you believe in by becoming part of the Writers Happiness Movement.

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