In Cheryl Buck’s early professional career, as executive assistant to the president of The Hunger Project, she participated in the worldwide movement to end chronic, persistent hunger. The first decade of The Hunger Project was devoted to changing the conversation around hunger from “hunger is inevitable and there will always be hungry people” to “of course, hunger can end.”

Cheryl was one of the 1.6 million people in the U.S. in 2016 who heard “you have cancer.” For the previous decade, she had been researching cancer and other chronic diseases from a nutritional viewpoint, focusing on Indigenous cultures and their innate awareness of the intrinsic healing power of the body and the earth.
She applied this knowledge of nutritional modalities and conventional medical methods to healing her cancer.

She continues to study Indigenous cultures and to that end, she calls herself a Cancer Anthropologist engaged in understanding the true nature of cancer and how it is embedded, not only in our bodies
but in our cultures as well.

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