Episode 182

Cheryl Buck - Cancer is a Crisis of Consciousness


September 20th, 2023

1 hr 5 mins 20 secs

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About this Episode

Meet Cheryl Buck, a cancer anthropologist who shares her personal journey and research about Cancer and its role in human consciousness.

Cheryl's focus is on indigenous cultures and the healing power of the body. Cheryl explores cancer as a teacher and as she perused her research, ended up having her own intimate experience with healing it.

Cheryl discusses how cancer entered her life through a book about a boy with a brain tumor and the transformative impact of the story shared by Dr. Max Gerson and his treatment for healing end-stage cancer patients.

Cheryl highlights her hesitation in sharing alternative methods due to opposition from conventional doctors, and those who are indoctrinated to believe that alternative methods are "crazy" or " out there" - but she has seen the results from these methods and believes that Cancer is ultimately an invitation and a wake up call to become more conscious and aware of the importance of your own body and life.

We discuss the importance of listening and deciding for oneself about alternative therapies and Cheryl shares her experience with the Gerson Method and the support she received from her family .

The episode concludes with a discussion on reconnecting with nature and the feminine wisdom within us, and the need for a new era of consciousness.

For more information, visit the Cancer Talks website and listen to their podcast.

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