Episode 104

Kass Thomas - The Energy of Change


December 8th, 2021

51 mins 51 secs

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About this Episode

_To Create Movement in Stagnant Waters, You Have to Keep Evolving. _

Meet Kass Thomas, a successful business entrepreneur, and communication expert. The depth and range of her life and career experiences inspire people to explore more choices and find the changes they are looking for. It is her mission in life to strengthen the unity of choice and change. She inspires clients to discover their unique brand of magic.

A best-selling author, Kass Thomas recently released her new book, Dancing with Riches, a self-empowerment manual, to encourage readers to change tracks if the journey they are on is not working for them. Within the pages of her book, readers will find a guide to transform negative into positive, and to come through a winner, even in limiting situations. Her non-judgmental demeanor creates a safe space for many to express themselves with ease. She is a catalyst for multicultural inclusion. Kass believes there is so much more that unites us than separates us.

*Learn: *

  • What inspires others to create change
  • Kass’s story and journey to helping others explore choices and change
  • Why humans choose predictable routes
  • How can we disrupt predictability to evolve continuously
  • Why so many actually fear change, and how we can work with them
  • How can we reveal the best version of ourselves
  • Why Kass calls her work Dancing with Riches *How to transform the negative into the positive, even in limiting situations.
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