Episode 106

Natty Frasca - The Howl of the Feminine Rebellion


December 22nd, 2021

53 mins 54 secs

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About this Episode

There's a wild woman within each of us, but she's been led down the wrong path. One that has slowly and efficiently lured her away from her truest, brilliant nature. Women must first root down and recognize the world in which we are planted and then choose to do things differently. It's time we link arms with our sister and say, "Fuck the patriarchy. Fuck the hustle". The world is screaming for a new kind of leadership, one infused with feminine values. It's damned time for a feminine rebellion.

Listen in to hear Natty's story that led her to the path of the wild feminine and how she’s helping women to remember their wild nature and more:

  • Hear how Natty came to realize what was missing from her life while sitting in a therapist's office, ready to request a divorce. She realized that it wasn't her marriage that was the issue; it was her ability to receive.
  • Natty began to reveal what she had been taught to suppress, including her emotions, desires, vulnerabilities, and letting her husband see her.
  • Sisterhood is an essential part of the re-wilding process - hear why Natty offers group retreats in nature and how she leads women to embody their wild nature.
  • Why can’t women gain fulfillment solely through masculine energy? Why must she eventually return to this aspect of herself?
  • Why is pleasure such a massive part of our reclamation as women?
  • Hear how Natty and her husband restructured their relationship to give Natty more space to return to her feminine instincts and needs and how this serves the partnership and their children.

Nat Frasca is the founder of Tribe of Wolves, an organization dedicated to guiding women back to their wild, feminine power. She leads women back to their wildness via her coaching practice and in-person mountain retreats. Her mission is to create an army of female leaders that this mad world is screaming for right now, and she believes the time is now for a feminine rebellion.

Natty is a mom of three wild teenagers, an avid hiker, and a fierce lover of nineties hip hop. When she's not deep in the forest, you might find her scouring a local vintage shop for parachute pants, in her kitchen with her face planted in a bowl of buttery, garlic, mashed potatoes, or howling wildly under the moon with her sisterhood.

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