Episode 109

Lukas Wolf and Taran Rosenthal - Reclaiming Curiosity & The Invitation of Chinese Medicine

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About this Episode

I believe conversations are an art form and can be incredibly potent medicine for transformation. The best conversations I’ve had are the ones that occur without an agenda, are filled with curiosity, and a deep listening for the invitation into a deeper inquiry where wisdom can often arise and nourish everyone who engages.

To me, this conversation feels like one in which my guests and I embark on a conversation that deepens, opens, and expands - nourishing all of us as we go with plenty of laughter and just the right amount of irreverence.

I especially loved this podcast episode because Taran and Lukas came without any agenda. These two men are wonderfully alive and deeply comfortable in their own skin.

We cover lots of ground:

  • How we were parented as well as how we parent.
  • How our appetite for curiosity and wrestling with questions grew over time.
  • How religion influenced us.
  • “Bowling outside the bumpers,” which we describe as being socially “acceptable” and acting within the boundaries of society.
  • How Taran and Lukas describe their work in Chinese Medicine and what it’s about for each of them.
  • How they guide their clients to express coherence in the body.
  • Different forms of Chinese Medicine and how they each practice.
  • How Chinese Medicine differs and can complement Western Medicine.
  • Acupuncture as an avenue for healing.
  • Orienting ourselves to explore and embrace curiosity and mystery.

I share my own story written the night before as I sat with my daughter called “Advice from a Caterpillar” and how it relates to everything we were exploring.

Taran Rosenthal is a dad, Classical Chinese medicine practitioner, lifelong mover, and co-host of the Apricot Jam podcast. He is endlessly curious and immensely grateful to be kin to all beings.

Lukas Wolf is an acupuncturist, herbalist, and martial artist in Brooklyn, New York. His days can pretty much be summed up as: punch, kick, heal, rinse, repeat. Both Lukas and Taran have their own podcast called Apricot Jam - be sure to listen!

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