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Stella Eisenstein - The Resonance of Healing

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I started making appointments with Stella this past summer through the recommendation of a friend because I had recently had mercury fillings removed from my mouth. It seemed that even though I was on a detox regimen, my body was still having trouble, and my migraines were getting worse vs. better.

After a couple of sessions, I noticed that my body responded to what Stella would say and do in our sessions. My curiosity and fascination led me to start asking deeper questions about what she was doing and how she was doing it, to which she generously shared with me that I, too, could learn to help my body heal.

This led to a number of discussions about bringing attention to my body, how I could access the energetic field, and allow the healing to occur by “getting out of the way,” as Stella will often say.

Over months of getting to know her more deeply, I am often struck by her gentle but deep wisdom and her perspective on certain things that are happening in the world in mainstream medicine. I marvel at how she orients herself in the world of healing, with respect for multiple modalities and room for contemplating the larger questions that continue to invite us to seek our own answers.

Stella is not a woman of small intellect. She is professionally trained in multiple modalities and an apt pupil of her own healing experiences and the miracles that have occurred in her presence through her understanding of how to communicate with the body. She has healed herself twice of cancer and has also healed herself of autoimmune thyroid disease and scoliosis. She believes that we can heal anything if we are willing to reveal what’s wanting our attention and why it’s calling us into the invitation in the first place.

Stella also happens to be one of the most genuinely loving people I have ever met. I have witnessed and experienced her generosity and integrity, not only for how she holds her work as a practitioner but also as a wife to her husband Charles, a mother to her son, and a teacher and a friend.

I’m proud to bring you this interview because I believe Stella's work in the world is incredibly relevant, especially at a time when many seek to unentangle themselves from the medicalized world of experts, prescriptions, and diagnoses that often leave us with nothing but frustration, inflammation, and a bottle of pills to suppress the symptoms vs. reveal the root cause.

In this great time of revelation, we are making our way back to ourselves, our intuition, and our bodies. We are trusting the body's innate healing potential through the quantum energy field - where all things are possible - especially miracles.

In this episode, we will reveal:

  • Stella’s story of healing breast cancer and what she had to first reveal in herself in order to heal.
  • What Stella means by "re-skilling” medicine and why she wants to teach others how to heal.
  • We are in a time of spiritual emergence, and we are being invited to reclaim the middle path in our communities.
  • Why Stella changed her name, and how she shifted her work over time into the realms of energy and spirit.
  • How “allowing” plays a profound role in healing.
  • How Stella developed her intuitive skills over time.
  • Why Stella believes the body holds the wisdom and why Integrative Manual Therapy is the next frontier of energy medicine.

Stella is a writer and intuitive bodyworker. Her work draws from her training in multiple modalities, including Oriental Medicine, Esoteric Acupuncture, Ortho-Bionomy, Depth Hypnosis, and Integrative Manual Therapy. Before becoming a bodyworker, she was in publishing in New York, mainly as a travel writer. Her first memoir, Star Sister: How I Changed My Name, Grew Wings, and Learned to Trust intuition, was published in 2012. Her new memoir, about healing from breast cancer, scoliosis, and autoimmune thyroid disease, is currently being serialized at resonantattention.substack.com.

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