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Shelley Paxton - Soulbbatical

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Shelley Paxton is passionate, charismatic, and soulful.

Think Brené Brown meets Biker Babe, with a dash of Liz Gilbert and a wicked sense of humor.

As former Chief Marketing Officer of Harley-Davidson, Shelley found herself at the top of the proverbial mountain feeling success-EMPTY instead of success-FULL.

This awakening led her on a profound Soulbbatical journey that became her mission, business, and bestselling book, Soulbbatical: A Corporate Rebel's Guide to Finding Your Best Life.

Shelley is leading a REBELution to rewrite the script of success and liberate a billion souls who feel called to something more.

Shelley also hosts the Rebel Souls podcast, which invites you to flip the middle finger to the status quo in life, business, and the world at large. She is based in Chicago, is obsessed with the color orange, and geeks out regularly on art and deep conversations that make shift happen!

Listen in as we unpack her revelations about life, love, soul-FULL living, and happiness.

  • How does a soul fever show up in our lives?
  • Hear about Shelley’s reoccurring nightmares that would not leave her alone until she started listening to what she was being shown.
  • What does it mean to take a SOUL-batical? Why is this something everyone should do?
  • How can you become the CSO - Chief Soul Officer - of your life?
  • How does one shift from feeling Soul-EMPTY to soul-FULL?
  • Why is it important to rewrite our success script?
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