Episode 127

Gurds Hundal - The Highly Sensitive Empath

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Are you able to walk into a room and immediately feel the mood? Do other people easily tell you their burdens? If so, you probably have empathic abilities.

Join us in this episode as Gurds Hundal shares the gifts of the empath as well as her own story of revelation:

  • Gurds realizes her empathic abilities and helps us recognize our own.
  • What it’s like growing up as a highly sensitive child.
  • The health issues she discovered and how she reclaimed her power and her health.
  • Learn practices Gurds uses to help her stay grounded as an empath, and clear her own energetic field.
  • Gurds love and passion for helping other women reveal and claim their empathic gifts as a superpower.

Gurds Hundal is a dynamic voice for the modern generation of highly sensitive women. She’s an Empowerment Coach and Self-Healing Expert whose mission is to empower women back to their inner light. She’s the creator of Trust Your Inner Light and Rise Up Sister coaching programs that help women go from energetically drained to emotionally, physically, financially, and spiritually liberated. She is the host of the Inner Light Project Podcast and the author of Educo: 52 Quotes For Leading A Better Life.

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