Episode 126

Venus Castleberg: You Are the One You Have Been Looking For

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What if being yourself was your only job? How would that change your reality?

These are the kinds of questions and explorations we ventured into for illumination in this gentle yet powerful conversation with my guest Venus Castleberg.

In addition to the fact that Venus is an accomplished coach, author, and workshop facilitator for Access Consciousness, she is also in her own continual process of evolution and involution.

The only relationship we need to develop is the one with ourselves. When we have a healthy relationship with ourselves, all others are just an enhancement to our lives.

If everyone realized the person they have been looking for was themselves, I believe there would not be so many heartbreaks and strained relationships out there.

In this episode she shares:

  • The moment her life changed based on an accident that shattered her arm.
  • Revealing the beauty of that opportunity to change.
  • "You are the one you have been looking for” - that if we feel something missing in our lives, it’s actually us that’s missing.
  • When we go through difficult experiences, the question to ask is, “what is the beauty happening underneath this challenge?
  • What if choosing joy, ease and play could change your entire reality?
  • Venus shares her experience of living in a castle in Italy and sleeping under a duvet threaded in gold while eating on fine china and crystal and how this expanded her vision of what’s possible in her own life.
  • What if our pursuit of wealth was about creating a bigger impact on how we can then increase our capacity to serve others? In other words, what if it wasn’t about acquisition but about being able to make a bigger difference?

Venus Castleberg is the author of the bestseller Here to Forever: Finally Free to Be Me, a story that explores looking for love in all the wrong places. Written with a beautiful vulnerability, clarity, and a welcoming light-heartedness, Here to Forever gives readers a glimpse into her own journey of joy and destruction, asking them to consider the possibility that love can be filled with ease and fulfillment. From a belief system that she was flawed and broken to discovering how to like herself, Venus delivers the tools and processes that others can apply to create something greater.

Venus Castleberg is a seasoned entrepreneur, coach, and joyful possibility devotee. She is a holistic healthcare practitioner with over 20 years of studying and practicing a range of modalities. Venus has developed an impressive track record, renowned for her compassion, clarity of vision, and joyful approach to life and business. You can learn more about Venus at venuscastleberg.com and follow her on Facebook @venuscastleberg and Instagram venus_castleberg.

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