Episode 97

Sarah Grandinetti - Beautiful YOU: Redefining Beauty


October 20th, 2021

53 mins 52 secs

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About this Episode

Who gets to define what is deemed beautiful?

Why do we leave it to others to define what it means, and how can we change the toxic nature of our culture's obsession with beauty myths and lies? Beauty myths cause tremendous harm, from body shame to dysmorphia, from starving ourselves through diet culture, to spending thousands of dollars on fixing or altering our appearance - all the while feeling MISERABLE and unworthy.

Sarah Grandinetti is changing all that. Allow yourself to perceive beauty from a new vantage point and why it’s so important that we begin claiming our own definition of beauty as a means of disrupting the trance that keeps us believing that we are less or lacking in any way.

  • Sarah left the celebrity hairstylist biz after 15 years to change the conversation about beauty because she saw how deeply both women and men suffer at the hands of a standardized beauty.
  • Learn about why Sarah started to teach people about consciousness through the conversation about beauty.
  • Social media often projects the"perfect image" that gets broadcasted daily - how can we change this?
  • We can actively bring change to the beauty industry by living our lives on FULL VOLUME and by giving ourselves permission to shine.
  • What limits us from receiving our own beauty and knowing it?
  • Listen as Sarah tells a heart-expanding story about her young daughter Talia and what Sarah learned from her about being BEAUTIFUL.

Sarah Grandinetti is a wife, a mother of four, an international educator, and guide to greater consciousness. Her classes explore such topics as parenting, relationships, money, and more. Having recently left the Los Angeles celebrity salon she owned for 15 years, she has now dedicated herself to changing the conversation about beauty. Inspired by the book, Being You Changing the World, authored by her brother, Dr. Dain Heer, Sarah has created Being You Beauty, a class experience offering tools, insights, and conscious conversations designed to dismantle the overbearing beauty standards and reveal what is actually possible when you include you and your body in what you perceive as beauty. Being You Beauty is a worldwide movement, having just completed a 7-day social media challenge with thousands of participants. Being You Beauty asks the compelling question, “What have you defined as beauty that limits you from receiving your own beauty?” Beyond the trendy ad campaigns used to sell quick fixes, Sarah knows there is nothing to fix! She is on a mission to inspire us all to acknowledge the beauty we truly be and the gift that unique brand of beauty is to the world.

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