Episode 98

Amy Pamensky - Feminie Frequency


October 27th, 2021

57 mins 33 secs

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About this Episode

What is it to live in the feminine frequency? I loved the energy of this interview so much!

Meet Amy Pamensky, who is in a continual state of allowing herself to find it as she surrenders to a nomadic lifestyle that’s dictated by listening in and attuning to a feminine way of living and being in the world.

Join us as we learn:

  • About Amy’s adventure and what called her to put her things in storage and hit the road.
  • How this journey has generated more allowing, surrendering, and trusting herself as well as divine timing.
  • How she interchanges and integrates masculine and feminine energy.
  • Why listening to our intuition is so important.
  • How embodiment plays a role in everything she does.
  • Why sisterhood has become a top priority.
  • Why teaching other women to connect to their feminine energy will change the world.
  • Amy Pamensky is an empowerment coach, spiritual teacher, and podcast host. She supports female entrepreneurs, healers, and coaches to show up confidently in their relationships and business.

Over the last 8 years of being a business owner, Amy has discovered the keys to creating a multiple six-figure soul-aligned business and lifestyle.
She teaches women how to overcome their limiting beliefs, align their energy, and listen to their intuition to create financial abundance and fulfillment.

Amy uses a blend of scientific and spiritual methodologies, including meditation, quantum physics, and neuroscience, to support women in stepping into their next level of leadership and transformation.

Amy is also the host of the Feminine Frequency Podcast, where she shares weekly wisdom on how to connect with your feminine energy to manifest abundance, love, and the life you truly desire.

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