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Shannon Claire - Trapped by Faith

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This episode was very emotional for me and brought up many memories of my past experience with abuse. I am deeply moved by Shannon’s work and look forward to her upcoming documentary about domestic and emotional abuse called Trapped By Faith.

Abuse in any situation is devastating, but marital abuse has its own elements of crazy-making. Combine this with confusing messages from your faith and it can be soul-crushing. Unfortunately, these messages are still commonplace, and even if your marriage is erosive and dangerous - religious dogma and church doctrine may keep you from leaving a situation that’s not healthy for you or your children.

Emotional abuse is one of the hardest things for most women to identify, especially if the abuse resembles how you were raised and you mistook it for normal or for love.

In this episode, we aim to discuss Shannon’s reason for making this film and to support other women in identifying toxic and abusive situations in their marriage and faith.

  • How Shannon’s past shaped the way she works with women
  • Learn some of the signs to know if you’re in an abusive marriage
  • Hear about how Shannon was able to find the courage to leave
  • Shannon talks about her business while being in an abusive marriage and how her business flourished after leaving
  • You have the power within you to do ANYTHING you put your mind to and are more powerful and capable than you realize
  • There is NEVER a good reason to stay in an abusive relationship, and there is always a way out

Shannon Claire helps entrepreneurial women become unforgettable so they can build a thriving business and life they love without sacrifice.

As a multi-passionate and seasoned entrepreneur of over 16 years, she is a sought-after international brand photographer, a mentor, and
coach for entrepreneurial women transitioning to their next level of success.

Shannon is a mom to 3 teens and a toddler and is soon-to-be-married. She is a beach lover, conversation starter, and eternal optimist.

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