Episode 135

Sarah Durham Wilson - Maiden to Mother: The Archetypal Journey to the Mature Feminine


July 13th, 2022

1 hr 3 mins 31 secs

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About this Episode

This past year I completed my 8-month rites of passage teacher training with Sarah Durham Wilson. It’s by far one of the most provocative and potent trainings I’ve ever done. It helped me truly understand the core wounds of women conditioned by patriarchy and how to assist women in healing those wounds.

In this episode, I have the honor of introducing you to my teacher and her work and celebrating with her the publication of her first book with Sounds True: Maiden To Mother, Unlocking our Archetypical Journey into The Mature Feminine.

When the goddess culture was stolen and buried, so were women’s rites of passage into our wild, intuitive femininity and maturity.

With Maiden to Mother, Sarah Durham Wilson excavates these ancient rites, guiding us through a sacred and crucial initiation from the immature Maiden into the archetypal Mother. This powerful, safe, compassionate, full-bloom feminine life force exists within all of us.

Becoming the Mother is every woman’s birthright—regardless of whether or not she raises children. The Mother is who we needed as children, who we were meant to be in this life, and who the world needs us to be now.

Sarah teaches that while pre-patriarchal cultures honored women’s natural cycles, today’s society infantilizes women, idolizing youthful traits such as “pretty, pleasing, and polite” to keep us distracted and dependent. While a healthy version of the Maiden will always remain part of us, there comes a time when we must no longer let her wounds and immaturity guide our lives. We must step into our mature, feminine fullness.

Through personal stories, rituals, teachings, and practices, Sarah helps women heal the Mother Wound and dismantle our internalized patriarchy with its false, constricting standards for the feminine so that we may live with authenticity and feast on the richness of life. “Midlife is not, as our culture proposes, where a woman’s power ends,” writes Wilson, “but where it really begins.”

In this episode, Sarah and I talk about:

  • Sarah’s diagnosis and her more recent understanding of how being undiagnosed has impacted her in her work.
  • Sarah losing her Mother to Cancer when she was still a teen and how her Mother’s life and death shaped her work and healing.
  • Activism as a potent medicine for what the world needs now, how she’s helping to dismantle racism through her work, and being a faithful ally to black, brown, and indigenous women, and the connection to the colonization and capitalistic trance of patriarchy.
  • White feminism and white fragility and how they are related to “The Wounded Maiden” archetype.
  • Why Climate Justice and Racial Justice are Married.
  • Inner misogyny, its impact, and how it becomes internalized in both men and women.
  • Making the rites of passage journey to the mature and why this is the work for all of us at this time.
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