Episode 136

Veronica Wirth - The Athena Matrix & The Creative Energy of Chaos


July 20th, 2022

1 hr 6 mins 24 secs

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About this Episode

"As the old ways of ruling and operating crumble and we consciously co-create from our hearts and souls the new world we truly want to inhabit, we are called to also learn new ways of being, new habits that can hold and nurture this growth. As more of Who We Truly Are is called on line, we are served best when we learn how to work with our energy and consciousness, for this is where we will be creating from as we go forward. This is Energy Mastery - a concept and phrase that was given to me by my guides last year to encompass the new skills we must learn if we are to become the galactic citizens of light we came here to embody!"

I love Veronica Worth - she's a joy to talk to and so grounding and inspiring!

In this episode, we talk about this incredible time in our collective evolution and why Veronica sees it as the dissolution of the toxic matrix of patriarchy and the new emergence of a positive network formed by the feminine.

Hear us talk about:

  • Energy Mastery
  • The Athena Matrix - what it is and how it's impacting us.
  • The creative energy of chaos and how to navigate these challenging times
  • Why our emotions and fears are all getting stirred up and brought to the surface
  • 3D, 5D, & The Shuman Resonance
  • Sacred Goddess Energy and our role in anchoring it through our bodies
  • Why Athena - and her mythology is essential right now for women and understanding ourselves
  • Why women's circles are so powerful and healing

Veronica is a shamanic practitioner, business visionary, and intuitive. She is also a Certified Sourced™ Leader, best-selling author, and founder of Evolvative™ and the Athena Matrix™.

On a spiritual journey since her youth, she experienced powerful awakenings through her 20s and 30s. In January of 2000, she began receiving channeled guidance from her wise circle of guides and teachers. Kept private until a few years ago, Veronica now actively brings her mystical gifts forward to guide her work.

Veronica brings insight into the future landscape of what a business and a brand can be at their highest level and what others can do to show up as soul-led leaders and innovators in this new territory. Drawing on her varied experience from both the business and mystical worlds, Veronica blends spiritual soul work, energy healing, and channeling, with her revolutionary approach to creating and expressing fully aligned brands and businesses.

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