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Helen MacMillan - The Gift of Pain

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In today's episode, Helen MacMillan shares her personal story and celebrates the birth of her new book, "The Gift of Pain."

The first time someone suggested that pain could be a gift, I resisted with every fiber of my being, and yet, it took some time for me to recognize the deep wisdom it continues to teach us when we are willing to listen.

And once we allow pain to come and sit at the table with us, and we listen and respond, the pain will usually leave us.

In all cases, pain is a messenger, a prophet, and a gift, AND we must not learn to live with it.

Listen in as Helen and I dive deep below the surface to interpret the wisdom of our pain:

  • Is pain necessary for growth?
  • What inspired your book "The Gift of Pain?"
  • Why pain is is something we must NOT learn to live with.
  • Learn the 5 step process to shift your mental, emotional, and energetic state
  • How is pain currently serving you?
  • Some examples of Helen's work with clients in pain and what it's teaching them.

Helen MacMillan is an author, life coach, healer, and wise woman who facilitates the personal growth integral to achieving your greatest potential and living your most joyful and fulfilling life.

Through her 1:1 and group coaching programs, workshops and retreats, Helen equips her clients with healing that allows them to powerfully and authentically create success from the inside out, using their wisdom as their guide. Helen combines her strong intuitive gifts with the practical expertise and wisdom gained from building three successful businesses, being married (twice), and raising three boys (while maintaining her sanity) to help her clients create a life they LOVE with ease and grace.

Originally from Jamaica, Helen resides in the USA with her husband Gary and their dog Sadie.

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