Episode 138

Libby Bunten - UNBECOMING & Healing the Sisterhood Wound


August 3rd, 2022

1 hr 2 mins 44 secs

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"Maybe the journey isn't so much about becoming anything. Maybe it's about unbecoming everything that is not you so that you can discover, reveal, and embrace the truth of who you are."

"It's "unbecoming" for a lady to sit like that, Monica."

"Stop making faces like that! It's unbecoming for a little lady, and besides, your face might freeze!"

Unbecoming is a term that has been used to manipulate and condition girls and women for generations. It's part of the grooming process into the patriarchal trance of unworthiness that keeps us from revealing our true thoughts, feelings, and self-expression.

Like an IV drip inserted at birth, micro-dosing cultural messages such as these have kept us in the 4 P's: performing, pretty, pleasing, and polite.

The 4 P's condition us to abandon the truth within ourselves in exchange for love and belonging. As a result, many of us lose touch with who we truly are underneath all of the layers of the false self.

As many of you know, this is my passion! Helping women reveal, heal and embrace their whole magnificent selves. Helping women break free from the trance is the most rewarding work I can do in the world and my goal in life is to awaken as many unbecoming women as possible.

In this episode, join me as I dish with one of my favorite leading ladies, Libby Bunten. In this episode, we dive more deeply into the process of unbecoming and the revelations that come when we begin to unravel what we have been taught to believe vs. what is true. We also talk about our personal journies and how our awakening has impacted our outlook, vitality, creativity, relationships, and basically our whole existence.

We also introduce the exciting news of our upcoming journey, which will be available for 20 women this October and which you may have guessed is called:

UNBECOMING : A 6-month detox from trance to transformation to remember, reclaim, and integrate the TRUE YOU. https://signup.jointherevelation.com/unbecoming

(If you are interested, we would love to welcome you to journey with us! Click the link to be added to the waiting list, and we will update you the moment we open registration this coming September).

In this episode, Libby and I also address the sisterhood wound and why it's part of the patriarchal trance.

  • What is Unbecoming and why is it relevant for all women?
  • Unbecoming is a process of revelation.
  • How does "the inner child" come into the picture of unbecoming?
  • What is it like to be with women who no longer gossip, strive to compete, or fix you?
  • Why is learning to receive (pleasure, gifts, help, compliments, opportunities) such a massive part of unbecoming?
  • As women remember our inherent wholeness, we awaken from self-harming behaviors and begin to attract the life that was meant for us.
  • How does the sisterhood wound keep us in isolation?
  • When a woman disapproves of herself, it costs the world.
  • Why is the sisterhood wound at the very heart of perpetuating patriarchy?
  • How do we re-contextualize a positive way women can be together in community? Is it possible?
  • Hear more about Libby's awakening and how she came to recognize the trance in her own life.
  • Monica shares her experience of joining a group coaching circle for the first time and how it changed her life.
  • Monica and Libby engage in other "extra" antics you will enjoy because it's how we roll.

Libby Bunten is an embodiment coach and Social Marketing professional whose passion is strengthening women's lives in her local community and beyond. Raised in a quintessential Maine coastal town, Libby always did "whatever it took" to make a living and get the job done. Before a career in social marketing, she did everything from manual labor to freelance writing. A brief stint in a toxic, patriarchal, corporate work environment propelled Libby to pursue an MS in Clinical Psychology which ultimately led to her work in feminist leadership development with like-minded, independent, and irreverent women.

She recently founded and launched her newest group coaching program, Self-Approval School, where women come together in Sisterhood in new ways to remember who they are, break the bullshit rules, and learn to give themselves the stamp of Self-Approval. When she isn't cheering women on, you can find her traveling with her bagel-slinging hunk, Paul, singing karaoke, or in deep surrender to the abyss that is the journey of healing.

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