Episode 48

Libby Bunten - Rupture to Radiance


November 4th, 2020

49 mins 11 secs

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About this Episode

This podcast brought me so much pleasure! Libby Bunten is a dear friend and colleague that keeps me thinking, daring and belly-laughing.

Join us as we travel into the deep rupture of Libby’s personal awakening and into the world of radiant feminist leadership development.

Libby’s infectious love of laughter, life and leadership is accessible and inspiring. As a highly accomplished independent consultant in the global online business world with Arbonne, Libby’s passion is is to strengthen the lives of women in her local community and beyond. Raised in a quintessential Maine coastal town, Libby always did “whatever it took” to make a living and get the job done. Before a career in social marketing, she did everything from manual labor to freelance writing. A brief stint in a toxic, patriarchal, corporate work environment propelled Libby to pursue an MS in Clinical Psychology which ultimately led to her work in feminist leadership development with like-minded, independent and irreverent women. When she isn't cheering women on, you can find her traveling with her Hebrew Hunk, Paul, singing karaoke, or in deep surrender to the abyss that is the journey of healing.

  • We are programmed not to take ownership of our innate gifts. The “art of bragging” comes from Mama Gena and is really about celebration and learning to create a culture of claiming our accomplishments and celebrating one another.
  • Libby had experienced “The Mother Wound” first hand and found herself at a point in her life where she was seeking a way to reveal her true self.
  • Libby came home from Mama Gena’s weekend experience and cried for a week, which is something Mama Gena calls a “rupture”.
  • Trying to suppress your emotion is like trying to push a balloon underwater.
  • Giving permission and space for our emotion creates a clearing, and if we do this work enough- the work of unbecoming, we can return to our original divine design.
  • After completing a Mama Gena weekend, Libby enrolled in Rockstar Camp with Megan Jo Wilson and took her awareness and the work of unbecoming even higher.
  • Social marketing is aligned with leadership development and often gets us way out of our comfort zone. It often confronts us with the level of independence it gives us, and calls us to be more responsible, visible, and engaged.
  • Women are uniquely suited to do well in social marketing because it’s about relationships, community and authentic connection.
  • Feminist leadership is about getting all voices at the table.
  • Women are circling in ways that are creating a spiral of evolution, and helping each other ascend into a higher understanding of what we are capable of, and how we are all connected.
  • Libby continues to build her thriving Arbonne community, and next on her bucket list is writing her book!
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