Episode 49

Liz McCartney - Soul Synergy


November 11th, 2020

56 mins 33 secs

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About this Episode

Today’s episode is with special guest Liz McCartney to talk about all things spiritual.

We often come into our paths with the true elements of ourselves unknown. We feel adrift throughout our lives and seek relation within ourselves as human beings but have our true essence unknown. The often unanswered questions of our origin, path, and purpose can only be answered when we become connected to the Divinity in which we were created.

Liz believes in a true connection to ourselves as human beings and our true Divine Being. She has been guided to create a synergistic approach to healing through the connection of our Divine being and our human existence.

Through her connection to the Source of all Universal Life Force Energy and the higher dimensional beings of light, wisdom, and knowledge of the Fifth Dimension, offered with a gentle, warm, patient, kind, gracious, and unique presence, Liz brings you into the truest form of yourself through the synergy of your soul's beauty and healing.

Liz offers healing wisdom and knowledge to humanity through her gift as a spiritual channel. She is a master teacher of Reiki and combines meditation and pranic healing in her work with her clients. Her focus is on creating a synergistic connection to assist her clients to embrace the human experience through the divine being. Imagine a synergistic connection to healing through the divine being within you - this is the work of Liz McCartney.

  • Liz offers a full scope of energetic healing. Most healing modalities are singular in focus, instead of having a synergistic impact on the healing of mind, body, spirit.
  • Liz helps her clients to bring them into connection with their own divine being and helps surface subconscious patterns and beliefs that might be impeding healing and growth. She helps clients answer: Why am I here? What is my purpose?
  • We are a divine being in human form.
  • Mythology and prehistory is a wonderful place for women to turn to create a context for their own journey.
  • When we are created in divinity we are given many gifts, including our divine purpose and our spirit guides.
  • When we do our own inner work, we release our lower energy and ascend in our conscious awareness.
  • Men and Women have equal access to the masculine and feminine energies within and both are capable of moving and shifting in and out of those energies as needed for the relationship and our roles in raising families, careers, etc.
  • We all experience stages in our lives where we feel a lack of grounding and fear, and our emotions and actions are not in alignment with each other. This is the result of an imbalance within our energetic body
  • Liz uses intuitive healing, light, and messages she channels from the Source of all universal life force energy, higher dimensional beings, and ancestral lineage to discover and release any energetic, genetic, or hereditary imbalances found within the clients she works with.
  • When we are able to restore the flow of energy that was once stagnant or blocked throughout our energy centers, we come into a synergistic connection between our divine and our energetic being.
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