Episode 158

Tanya Moushi - Love is the Business Plan: Do What You Love with Love


February 1st, 2023

55 mins 50 secs

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About this Episode

Empathic, emotionally-intelligent, deep thinking, fun and open-minded are a few of the words that come to mind when it comes to describing Tanya Moushi.

In this episode we continue exploring: what is the feminine business model?

For me, the foundation of a feminine business model is embracing feminine values to integrate and co-create with the more structured values of the masculine.

And while these core aspects of life are genderless and cannot be divided into a dual worldview, conscious life itself is a dance where dualities make up the whole.

So in the past, this has been rather a one-sided dance . And if you ask me, we're stepping on our toes all the time because business is largely still dominated by what we call the masculine values which have traditionally been rewarded with money and respect, and have been thought to provide a higher perspective on how business and the economy should be operated.

This has created much suffering. Men women and children are suffering- all genders are suffering, as is our planet.

It's a deeply imbalanced model so it's been important for me to bring guests on the podcast who are changing the status quo in business helping to create language and missing aspects of the feminine so that they can be integrated into a business model that benefits everyone.

  • Why Tanya's nickname became "chief empathy officer"
  • Why Seth Godin is Tanya's most influential mentor
  • Why Tanya wanted to create a new vision for business that's rooted in love.
  • How we can bring the GECKO Model to every aspect of our lives.
  • Why daily inspiration is necessary.
  • Why a values-driven approach is not only personally fulfilling, but professionally profitable.
  • Why Tanya wants women to see that the things they're most hesitant about: vulnerability, care, deep gratitude--are actually competitive advantages in today's marketplace.
  • Why many women underestimate their own strengths and overvalue those of others.

Tanya Moushi is a Good-Business Enthusiast. She is a Consultant at Moushi & Co, an interdisciplinary firm that believes that business gets better by applying functions of philosophy and art, and is nicknamed the Chief Empathy Officer among her peers. She’s an avid supporter of Downtown Phoenix, believes in the power of generosity and cites Seth Godin as one of her most influential mentors.

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