Episode 160

Dr. Joanna Kujawa: The Other Goddess- Mary Magdalene and the Healing Power of Eros


March 1st, 2023

1 hr 17 mins 37 secs

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About this Episode

Is there a lineage of goddesses that claims the evolutionary power of female sexuality? And if so, why were they pushed to the shadows and demeaned as harlots? Was Mary Magdalene one of them, and what were her teachings?

Looking into esoteric traditions that celebrated the Goddess and her art of sexual alchemy, Dr. Joanna Kujawa sets out on a detective journey to answer these questions to discover Mary Magdalene stands at the center of this investigation. Learn about her portrayal in the gnostic gospels as a teacher in her own right and Jesus’ intimate partner, the possibility of her life as an alchemist in Egypt, and her last years in Southern France. Find out if Mary Magdalene was the same person as Mary the Prophetess of Egypt and her connection to the mysterious Cathars, Black Madonnas, and Knights Templar.

Whether looking at Mary Magdalene, Sophia, Aphrodite, Inanna, Hathor, Isis, or the goddesses of esoteric Hinduism, Dr. Kujawa finds the archetype of The Other Goddess-the bearer of the mysteries of sexual alchemy that ends the division between sexuality and spirituality

*In this episode: *

  • Who was Mary Magdalene really?
  • Why was Mary Magdalene branded a “harlot” by patriarchy?
  • What is sexual alchemy and how does it play a role in our spiritual awakening?
  • Why is eros a powerful energy that women need to reclaim?
  • Why do archetypes such as Mary Magdalene have so much meaning for women today?
  • How does a tantric relationship potentially initiate a man through feminine eros?
  • Mary Magdalene is portrayed as the first Apostle of Jesus in gnostic texts - is it true?
  • Why scholars often get it wrong about Mary Magdalene.
  • Why is the Gospel of Mary Magdalene relevant today?
  • How do the other Goddesses extend higher consciousness to humanity through eros?

Dr Joanna Kujawa is the author of The Other Goddess: Mary Magdalene and the Goddesses of Eros and Secret Knowledge, scholar, and spiritual detective. She received her BA and MA from the Pontifical Institute for Medieval Studies at the University of Toronto, Canada, and her PhD from Monash University, Melbourne, Australia. As an active academic for over 20 years, she uses her scholarly training to investigate topics other academics often pass over, such as: Can spirituality and sexuality be experienced as one? Who was the real Mary Magdalene? Is there a lineage of Goddesses now resurfacing in our collective experience of spirituality? Apart from her writings for academic publications on spiritual travel, Joanna has also had her short stories and essays published through various media and in many prestigious anthologies, including Best Australian Stories, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, She Rises. She is on the editorial board of the International Journal of Goddess Studies. The Other Goddess was translated into Mandarin

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