Episode 161

Rupham Henry -THE BITTERSWEET TOOTH What a Holistic Approach to Your Mouth Can Reveal About Your Health


March 22nd, 2023

1 hr 24 mins 37 secs

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About this Episode

Our teeth represent our total health, and there are ways to improve our oral health that will greatly improve our health, overall.

In this episode I get a chance to interview Rupam Henry about her path to holistic dentistry, and why it’s so important that we heal our teeth from the inside out. Allopathic dentistry often misses the root cause of dental issues and what’s under the surface level issues in our mouth. What is our oral health is telling us about what’s going on inside with our internal organs, gut health, circulatory system and so much more.

  • What does the term “holistic" mean to you?
  • Why do certain teeth get cavities or need root canals and others do not?
  • What do emotions have to do with tooth decay?
  • What is it that we don’t understand about our oral health that would assist us in healing many of our dental issues?
  • Why is our culture so antibiotic crazy?
  • How can bitter herbs, lemon water, and salt help our oral health, and overall health.
  • What is the difference between conventional and a more holistic view towards dentistry?
  • What struggles have you seen in yourself and others in terms of following a holistic journey to your/their healing?
  • Your journey as an herbalist, your love for the plant kingdom and being an ordained minister..how has it impacted your way of being with your clients?
  • What can people expect when they are working with you?
  • Is it possible to remineralize our teeth?
  • Why Cod Liver Oil is the worst thing you can be taking for your health.
  • The optimal time to drink coffee in the morning so as to not hurt your teeth.
  • What are the moving practices we can all do to set ourselves up for good oral health?
  • Why removing mercury from our mouths is a really important subject.
  • Why going to the dentist can be traumatic.
  • How homeopathic remedies can help us recover from dental trauma
  • Rupam shares her own journey towards balance and self healing.

At the young age of 16, Rupam travelled to India, where she lived for 5 years in an international ashram, learning meditation and approaches to the inner world. The desire to be of service to others on the path of self-healing was born in these life changing years.

Rupam comes from an ancient lineage of medicine makers, alchemists and herbalists reaching back 13 generations in Germany. She combines her expertise as an herbalist, holistic health educator and ordained minister with her experience of over 20 years as an RDA in General and Pediatric Dentistry.

She is the founder of Rupams Herbals LLC, focusing on holistic health and dental solutions through consultations, a hand made organic herbal line of over 45 different formulas and a passion to support her clients and customers to retain their God-given right to Self-Healing and informed consent.

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