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Kim Fuller and Byna Haynes - BORN TO RISE: Awakening the Stories of Women

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Have you ever felt like you’ve had a story to tell but felt overwhelmed at the thought? Well, today’s podcast episode is about what happens when two women get together to create a vision for publishing the stories of everyday women.

Kim Fuller and Bryna Haynes share about the “The Born to Rise Book Project” a movement to inspire, awaken, and amplify, the stories of women.

The Born to Rise Book Project features 22 female writers and is a powerful collaboration that brings women together in sisterhood for a 9 month journey to excavate their inner story to have it included in a printed anthology through World Changers Media.

Kim and Bryna share about the challenges most women face when it comes to writing their stories- How issues of worthiness, confidence and fears of visibility often rear their heads and how we can move through these fears by using them as a writing ally.

Through writing, women are given the opportunity to express what they’ve suppressed and may have been afraid to share. Sharing our stories can lead to deeper connections with an audience, and offer profound healing and feelings of accomplishment for the women who participate.

With writing tips and insights on how adding emotion and sensory input can make for meaningful storytelling, women gain not only a proficiency for writing but they are also actively building a community of support with other women. Involvement in writing workshops can lead to amazing results and can pave the way for inspiring legacy pieces to leave with the world.

The Born to Rise Book Project is published in partnership with World Changers Media, a boutique hybrid publishing company founded by Bryna Haynes who is dedicated to new and diverse voices including those of global visionaries, thought leaders, and Women.

Topics Discussed:

  • The Born to Rise book Project
  • The Born to Rise movement
  • World Changers Media
  • Writing Tips
  • How the Trance of Unworthiness impacts us when writing.
  • Surrendering control
  • Yogic writing
  • Vulnerability
  • Becoming the Shero's of our stories
  • Men and women's allyship
  • World building
  • Women's communities
  • Writing as a group endeavor
  • The magic of sisterhood
  • Emerging leaders
  • The power of personal storytelling

Kim Fuller is a mindful photographer, spiritual mentor, author, TEDx and keynote speaker and founder of Born to Rise™. Her passion is to help women stand in their power, their story and their beauty so they can live a confident and peaceful life. She uses photography to mirror the beauty she sees in each woman, empowering them to show up authentically in business and life.
She gives women a platform to share their personal stories with a live audience so they can process, release, and transform from victim to hero. She also gives women mindful tools through her Art of the P.A.U.S.E. method that invites women to slow down and look carefully inward, which enables them to expand in creativity, intuition, peace, and joy, and release their fears, judgments and assumptions of themselves and others.

She is a mother of three children, one of whom is adopted and is her greatest spiritual teacher. Her book “Finding” tells the story of her journey with this young boy and the Dalai Lama. One of Kim’s greatest gifts is she is a great hugger.

Bryna Haynes is the founder and CEO of WorldChangers Media. As a nationally-known book strategist, speaker, ghostwriter, and editor with over 15 years of experience in the publishing field, she has helped hundreds of thought leaders, teachers, healers, and enlightened entrepreneurs deliver their messages and radically uplevel their expert status through best-selling, impact-driven books. Titles she claims in her spare time include: self-reinvention savant, LEGO castle designer, dragon tamer, luxury travel hacker, and connoisseur of kick-ass boots.

Company Description:
Founded in 2021 by Bryna Haynes, WorldChangers Media is a boutique hybrid publishing company focused on “Ideas for Impact.” We know that great books can change lives, topple outdated paradigms, build movements, and change the world. That’s why we are committed to delivering superior-quality transformational nonfiction by, and for, the next generation of thought leaders, conscious entrepreneurs, creatives, and industry disruptors.
Watch out, status quo. You don't stand a chance.
Learn more at www.WorldChangers.Media

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