Episode 180

Richard Harris - Unmasking Tyranny & The Pursuit of Higher Consciousness


September 6th, 2023

1 hr 13 mins 23 secs

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About this Episode

Richard Harris has a huge heart and is a force for freedom from tyranny in all its forms. That said, he’s been censored and de-platformed for speaking out about medical mandates and mind control through nefarious agendas that use tactics of fear-based control to illicit compliance and conformity.

In this episode, we unmask some of tyranny’s disguises and share our own experiences with obedience training and fear-based control tactics that are used to create divisions through media, government, gender conditioning, and more.

I loved this conversation because Richard asked me as many questions as I asked him. Neither of us had an agenda other than to explore where our questions might lead us, and I’m thrilled with the territory we covered as we touched on the passions that keep us committed to the path of freedom and the pursuit of higher consciousness.

We discuss the importance of embracing curiosity, overcoming loneliness, and building self-respect. We also explore the division between awakening individuals and those who might be stuck in fear-based control and how COVID-19 accentuated and accelerated that divide using tactics of censorship, manipulation, and fear.

Richard shares his own experience with obedience trauma when he was sent to military school at the tender age of eight, where he remained until he turned eighteen years of age. He reveals that this intense obedience training ironically amplifies his value of autonomy and freedom. It also prepared him for what he sees as the spiritual battle playing out on the planet today. Richard shares his understanding of where we are in our human evolution and how reconnecting to our spiritual selves and pursuing the path of consciousness is the most liberating work we can do, I love what he shares about the spiritual powers and gifts of women being especially needed at this time, and how men benefit from women who are fully embodied and liberated to shine their true sovereign selves.

We also talk about walking the way of the warrior, the ancient spiritual path, and the middle path that calls us to unity by dispelling the many illusions that keep us in various states of polarity and how we can embrace the paradox of our existence to more clearly see the one true thing going on here.

Buckle your seatbelt- this conversation is a ride through the seen and unseen realms for sure!

Topics Discussed:

  • The meaning of tyranny and the role of fear
  • Richard's eclectic coaching approach and handling addictions
  • Overcoming loneliness and building self-respect
  • Divide between awakening individuals and fear-based control
  • Impact of the COVID crisis on awakening
  • Gnosticism and the Spiritual Dark Ages
  • Power dynamics between masculine and feminine energies
  • The Spiritual Gifts and Power of Women
  • The Knights Templar, Mary Magdalene & The Cathars
  • Triangulation and the Corporatocracy
  • The Overton Window & The Politics of Social Discourse
  • Narcissistic Abuse
  • Self-awareness and personal transformation
  • Pursuit of higher consciousness
  • Alchemy of the Ages
  • Moving from Pisces to Aquarius
  • Defeating Evil
  • Gnostic revolution and positive change *Returning to love and so much more!

Entities & References Mentioned:

Richard is a life coach. He has studied and practiced personal development for two decades. He uses an eclectic model in coaching, which finds strategies and tactics to cultivate the character across all domains - physical, psychological, spiritual, and environmental. Richard is passionate about freedom and is active in the freedom movement, both online and offline. He is the enemy of tyranny, both within and without, and an advocate for the best in humanity to grow.

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