Episode 184

Jim Young - How Tough Guys Heal Burn Out


October 4th, 2023

1 hr 7 mins 10 secs

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About this Episode

In this episode of the Revelation Project podcast, Monica and her guest Jim Young explore the societal pressures that men face to be tough and how it can lead to burnout. Jim shares his personal journey of realizing the need to hide his sensitivity and vulnerability in order to conform to societal expectations. They discuss the lack of male role models and the struggles they faced growing up. Jim talks about his experience of being anointed the man of the house at a young age, taking on the role without any guidance. The conversation delves into the impact of shame on male intimacy and the importance of moving through burnout to create intimate connections. They also touch on the similarities between the societal conditioning of men and women and the glorification of toughness. The episode ends with a discussion on self-care, self-discovery, and the importance of authentic connection.

Topics discussed:

  • Societal pressures on men to be tough
  • Hiding vulnerability and sensitivity
  • Lack of male role models
  • Anointing as the man of the house at a young age
  • Shame and burnout
  • Male intimacy and connection
  • Self-care and self-discovery
  • Authentic connection and support

As he grew from boyhood into manhood, Jim Young was handed a set of cultural beliefs that told him to go it alone, never ask for help, and to prove his manliness at every turn. Eventually, his life experience revealed how dangerous and lonely that path was. Today, Jim moves through life guided by the principles of "expansive intimacy."

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