Episode 193

Mikel Ibarra- Vulva Revolution:The Art of Feminine Rebellion in the Face of Censorship, Patriarchal Politics, & War


December 28th, 2023

1 hr 22 mins 2 secs

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About this Episode

This is a must listen for women battling sexual shame or body dysmorphia

In this episode of The Revelation Project Podcast we explore women's issues and celebrate the courage of artists who challenge societal norms through their art.

Topics discussed include labiaplasty, sex toys, female anatomy, body acceptance, censorship and so much more.

Michael Ibara is the baker and maker of the infamous instagram profile that explores women's issues through vulva pies @piesinthewindow’
We discuss the impact of Mikel's art in empowering women to embrace their bodies and the harmful consequences of societal norms and judgments when it comes to celebrating the diversity of women’s bodies.

The conversation also touches on the lack of understanding and miseducation by the medical industry regarding labiaplasty, a procedure that resuced the length of the labia minor and the most commonly performed aesthetic genital plastic surgery that can leave women with a lifetime of pain, sexual dysfunction and more.

We also talk about the censorship of female artists face on social media platforms and the blatant bias of the algorithms when it comes to censorship of naked bodies in content posted by female artists and makers vs. those accounts that are focused on men and mens pleasure which is fascinating to hear about!

As a summary this episode emphasizes the importance of art as a tool for liberation, self-acceptance, education and reclaiming our creative power, while also engaging a supportive community to challenge patriarchal programming.

Listeners are encouraged to join our unbecoming coaching circle and explore the work of other empowering women artists mentioned in the episode.

Topics Discussed:

  • Labiaplasty and the dangers of cosmetic alteration
  • The Objectification of Women
  • Informative talk about sex toys and their importance along with the negative drawbacks you might not know about
  • The courage of artists in these times of darkness
  • Michael Ibara’s artwork and the relentless censorship she has endured
  • Exciting announcements: Our monthly giveaway and the unbecoming coaching circle

I'm an artist using primarily desserts as an art media to explore women's issues. The expectations and restrictions imposed upon us by society and our self imposed standards are all competing for my attention as I create this art. My career path has taken me from artist to public school art teacher to full-time mom to running a home bakery to teacher again and finally back to myself as an artist. My art is a reflection and convergence of all my life experiences up to this very point in time. More about my work/me can be seen at piesinthewindow.com

00:03 Introduction to the Revelation Project Podcast
00:56 Exploring Women's Issues with Artist Mikel Ibarra
02:20 Monthly Giveaway Announcement
03:28 Unbecoming Coaching Circle Invitation
05:34 Introducing Guest Mikel Ibarra
05:58 Mikel's Artistic Journey and Inspiration
12:19 The Impact of Mikel's Art on Women
39:00 The Unbecoming Process
41:41 Mikel's Personal Journey and Artistic Evolution
43:22 The Paradox of Female Sexuality
43:53 The Struggle of Meeting Expectations
44:29 Exploring Women's Roles in History and Culture
45:10 The Power of Art in Cultural Wars
45:36 The Impact of Propaganda on Women
46:03 The Struggle of Women's Creative Expression
47:21 The Power of Women's Circles
48:04 The Fear of Embracing the Goddess Within
50:58 The Power of Women's Self-Reclamation
59:01 The Challenges of Sharing Art on Social Media
01:06:28 The Power of Women's Genitals in Ancient Cultures
01:09:45 The Importance of Women's Activism and Self-Expression
01:12:29 The Impact of Vulva Art
01:17:33 The Power of Sharing Women's Stories
01:21:41 Closing Remarks

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