Episode 194

Sarah Marshank - Selfistry: The Artistry Of The Self & Listening For Wisdom In The Wilderness


January 3rd, 2024

1 hr 23 mins 17 secs

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About this Episode

In this episode, I dive into a deep and nourishing conversation with Sarah Marshank author of Being Selfish and Selfistry: A Guide to Embodying Timeless Spiritual Wisdom. We talk about her own journey from escort to monk to spiritual guide, and what she discovered about what it takes to become an authentic, grounded, creative and integrated being in these challenging times. Join us as she reveals her path tol deep spirituality without the dogma, and discover how to "listen for the genius in the room” as we practice how to become wisely selfish so that we can cultivate the deep wisdom that always sits waiting for us in the depths of the darkness.

"Studies estimate nearly 25% of the world’s population does not ascribe to any religion and roughly 25% of people in the US consider themselves “spiritual but not religious.”

Many of these people are searching for a life of integrity amid an increasingly polarized global landscape filled with religious extremism, political turmoil, and environmental uncertainty. Disillusioned but seeking to contribute to the well-being of the planet, many are finding guidance in emergent integrative systems that develop all aspects of the modern human: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and social. “Selfistry” is one of those systems that offers a unique and simple approach.

“Selfistry” offers a fresh take on embodying authentic spiritual principles. It is an innovative and integrative framework for self-reflection-an opportunity for the genuinely curious to reconsider their relationship with themselves and the cosmos.”

Sarahs Marshank Bio
Sarah Marshank is the founder of Selfistry, an integrative system for mastering the art of being human. She is the author of the award winning memoir Being Self-ish: My Journey from Escort to Monk to Grandmother, where she tells the story of her decade in spiritual retreat. She is also the author of Selfistry: A Guide to Embodying Timeless Spiritual Wisdom. Her teachings weave together spirituality, psychology, and neuroscience in an innovative way — integrating Eastern and Western philosophies with meditative and somatic practices. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Sarah teaches and speaks internationally, consults for organizations, and works one-on-one with individuals. When not sharing Selfistry, you might find her walking along the beach, shopping at the local farmer's market with her husband, or making art with her granddaughters.

*The topics we cover in this episode: *
00:03 Introduction and Welcome
00:26 Guest Introduction: Sarah Marshank
02:57 Exploring the Power of Female Collaboration
03:27 The Importance of Partnership and Trust
04:17 Overcoming the Sisterhood Wound
04:32 The Power of Women in Partnership
04:45 The Art of Being Human
05:28 The Role of Women in Times of Crisis
06:59 The Emergence of Wise Elders
14:50 The Importance of Slowing Down
23:02 The Journey of Self Discovery
37:45 The Power of Emptiness and Fullness
41:16 The Artistry of Life
42:32 Embracing Your True Self
43:12 Breaking Free from Societal Expectations
43:28 Invitation to Join the Unbecoming Coaching Circle
44:09 Exploring the Fear of Self-Reflection
45:15 Understanding the Trance of Self-Doubt
45:38 The Power of Self-Inquiry
46:06 The Journey to Self-Understanding
46:54 The Importance of a Guide in Self-Discovery
48:07 The Artistry of Self-Realization
48:41 Embracing Simplicity and Connection
49:24 Reorienting Our Relationships and Conversations
49:46 The Power of Presence and Self-Consideration
51:24 The Witness: A Tool for Self-Understanding
51:44 The Role of Fear in Self-Discovery
55:03 The Power of Community in Self-Discovery
55:55 The Wisdom of Embracing Both Light and Darkness
01:06:08 The Role of Sisterhood in Scaling Self-Discovery
01:14:29 The Power of Storytelling in Self-Discovery
01:20:39 The Journey from Escort to Monk to Grandmother
01:21:53 Invitation to Join Selfistry Retreats
01:22:50 Conclusion and Invitation to Connect

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