Episode 196

Goddess Sophia & The Deep Christ: The Lost Creation Story of Cosmic Twin Sophia & Why Her Wisdom Is Essential for Humanity with Diana Kelly & Dan Morse


March 6th, 2024

1 hr 42 mins 15 secs

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About this Episode

In this episode I interview the amazing Diana Kelly and Dan Morris about the lost creation story of Sophia and her critical role in understanding the times we are living in which also offers rare insights into who we are, where we came from and how we might fulfill our latent potential as human beings.

We discuss current events happening in the Middle East, and Diana and Dan’s discoveries that have led them to understand the influences surrounding us today through the wisdom of Sophia.

We also discuss the origins of the Gnostics, their love of Sophia, the tragic story of her entrapment, the Archons (Dark Forces) that influence humanity, and how we can liberate ourselves from the forces that bind us in limiting beliefs and patterns of fear and trauma through the divine spark of Sophia that dwells within us.

In addition to exploring her mysteries, we reveal Sophia’s relationship to Jesus Christ at a deeper level and discuss the symbols and maps of meaning that are all around us, that can help us to find our way through the darkness. As the role of the divine feminine in the world accelerates, so too does the urgency of our collective spiritual development, and our relationship to our masculine and feminine counterparts.

As the path of Sophia Christos unfolds, we witness a time of great upheaval, spiritual activism, and a lifting of the veils of illusion.

Join us to explore the incredible potency of these times through the mystery of Sophia and her cosmic twin, and learn how you can “take up your sword” with compassion as daughters and son’s of the Sophia-Christos to defeat injustice, tyranny, and enslavement on this planet once and for all.


  • Sophia represents the divine feminine wisdom and is a powerful archetype for understanding our spiritual journey. *The story of Sophia’s descent and the influence of archons and the patriarchy highlight the challenges we face in reclaiming our power and connection to the divine. *The awakening and revelation that comes from understanding the sacred masculine and feminine can help us navigate the complexities of relationships and create a more balanced and harmonious world.
  • Communication and emotional attunement are essential for building healthy and fulfilling partnerships. Disrupting patterns and practicing transparent communication are essential for healthy relationships.
  • Recognizing traumatic responses and gaining insight can lead to healing and growth.
  • Working together and viewing relationship issues as shared problems can foster understanding and resolution.
  • Accessing wisdom and guidance, whether from spiritual sources or within oneself, can enhance relationships and personal development.
  • Consciousness and awareness play a crucial role in navigating relationships and personal growth.
  • Exploring the mysteries of Sophia and reading symbols can provide deeper insights into the spiritual journey.
  • Balancing masculine and feminine energies is important for personal fulfillment and harmonious relationships.
  • Finding the right balance between activism and compassion is crucial in creating positive change.
  • The urgency of spiritual development is emphasized in addressing global challenges and personal growth.
  • Reclaiming truth and overcoming archonic influence are essential for personal and collective transformation. Tuning in and connecting to a higher frequency can help navigate the turmoil of the world.
  • Women’s voices need to be heard and speaking out is essential for change.
  • The sacred masculine has a role in supporting and amplifying women’s voices.
  • Building relationships based on care and understanding is crucial for creating meaningful change.
  • Recognizing the power dynamics at play and using relationships to bridge divides can lead to transformation.
  • We are entering times of immense revelation and change.
  • Bringing a sense of sacredness to everyday life can lead to a deeper connection with the divine.

00:00 Introduction and Background
03:09 Exploring the Mythology of Sophia
12:46 The Story of Sophia's Descent
19:26 The Influence of Archons and the Patriarchy
23:11 The Awakening and Revelation
29:15 The Ampulla and the Incarnation
36:27 The Sacred Masculine and Feminine
43:20 The Three Levels of Masculinity
50:24 Attunement and Partnership
52:09 Disrupting Patterns and Transparent Communication
53:08 Recognizing Traumatic Responses and Gaining Insight
57:12 Finding Personal Fulfillment in Relationships
57:58 The Role of Masculine and Feminine Energies
58:23 Exploring the Mysteries of Sophia
59:26 The Templars and the Pistis Sophia
01:02:08 Reading Symbols and Maps of Meaning
01:07:35 The Role of the Divine Feminine in the World
01:11:34 The Power of Saying 'Enough'
01:13:06 Navigating Activism and Social Media
01:19:47 The Urgency of Spiritual Development
01:21:34 The Archonic Influence and Gaza
01:25:13 The Hymn of the Pearl and Overcoming Tyranny
01:28:22 The Path of Sophia Christos and Spiritual Activism
01:31:26 Navigating Shaming and Blaming in Activism
01:34:14 Reclaiming Truth and Overcoming Archonic Influence
01:36:23 Women's Voices and Speaking Out
01:37:21 The Role of the Sacred Masculine
01:38:15 Building Relationships for Change
01:41:07 Times of Revelation and Change

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