Episode 22

Catherine Avery - Brain Fog and Breast Cancer


May 6th, 2020

51 mins 24 secs

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About this Episode

Catherine Avery is the founder of Productivity By Design. Catherine empowers busy professionals who struggle with brain fog to conquer their daily tasks, paperwork, and productivity. A former queen of clutter, recovering Type-A Wall Streeter, and cancer survivor, she implements proven strategies that get you on a more productive and profitable track. Combining her design sense with streamlined systems and business acumen, she helps her clients master their time, space, and information.

Catherine didn’t expect the intense chemo brain after recovering from breast cancer and it led her to find her passion in developing a business dedicated to helping women organize their lives.

Catherine shares about 2 bouts of depression 10 years apart from each other and how different they both were.

  • People have different brains, and different ways of learning.
  • ADD and ADHD carry a lot of shame.
  • What is depression and how does it show up?
  • Belongings are often attached to emotion and memories.
  • How many of us have a childhood box that we keep for reasons we don’t understand?
  • When it comes to clearing the clutter - If you are in doubt, don’t throw it out. When we are ready to let go, don’t throw it all away.
  • Family stories and archives do matter, and yet, it’s good to curate certain pieces vs. keep it all.
  • Many entrepreneurs work from home and don’t fit into the rhythm of daily corporate life.
  • Sometimes if you don’t feel like doing the thing, you should listen to that as your body saying “I need to rest”.
  • She realized that she couldn’t do everything the same way she had and that if wanted to do cancer well, even evrything else had to go.
  • The hardest part of having cancer was learning how to receive.
  • While most women are great at giving a lot of us don’t know how to receive - compliments, help, attention, love.
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