Episode 23

A Conversation with Jessica Martin Disrupting The Narrative of Self Limiting Beliefs

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As a licensed mental health counselor and certified life coach, Jessica Martin embraces the concept of the collective wisdom and draws from her expertise in holistic health while also tapping into her intuition to help her clients heal, integrate and balance. Jess uses tools of mindfulness, art, and somatic understanding and she can often be found delivering workshops, classes, public speaking, or hiking with her dogs.

We are the stories we tell ourselves and the cumulative stories we are told about ourselves. At some point, we may find that our stories form an identity that limits and constrains who we want to be. As women, we can find the challenge compounded by inferred gender roles that are not aligned with what we may envision for our own lives. As COVID–19 continues to challenge us to innovate, women, in particular, are stepping up, finding new opportunities, and collaborating in ways that serve the collective whole while also stretching us to imagine a new future that’s distinctly different from the hectic and unconscious way we have been living.  

Listen in as Jess Martin and I discuss the evolving story of identity and how we can reimagine what’s possible by choosing which parts of our story we wish to keep, transform, or create from scratch. We also cover a wide range of subjects including naked rock climbing, Instagram celebrities, Divine Feminine girl-crushing, and the neurobiology of trees. As usual, there is a fair amount of irreverence and swearing. I sure hope you enjoy the show.

Show notes:

  • Identity needs to be fluid and adaptable.
  • Women are congregating in circles of belonging and disrupting the narratives that keep us in isolation and competition.
  • Going back to normal isn’t an option - normal was not working.
  • COVID–19 is forcing us to see the inanity of our culture, and the hectic and unconscious ways we have been living.
  • One strong woman can shift the narrative and help every woman around her heal.
  • Trees are a powerful metaphor for the divine feminine.
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