Episode 24

Karen Anderson - The MotherLode


May 20th, 2020

48 mins 26 secs

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About this Episode

Karen Anderson is leading the conversation about healing the generational wounds between mothers and daughters and using this challenging relationship as an opportunity and a catalyst for growth, leadership, wisdom, and creativity. Karen challenges the current patriarchal definitions of these energies and notes that for millennia, women have been burnt at the stake (literally and metaphorically) when we wield our emotions, power, and creativity intentionally. She acknowledges the many women in our maternal lineages that have suffered mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically as a result of the unexpressed emotion, the unused power, and the untapped creativity within them. Karen hopes to disrupt these generational patterns through a project she calls The Motherlode.

In it, she will be highlighting twenty creative women who have learned from their difficult relationship to their mothers, specifically around power, emotion, and creativity, and how to alchemize these energies in service to their leadership, relationships, and work, and why it matters.

Listen in as Karen and I unpack the importance of revealing and healing these generational wounds and why they are such a rich source of insight for our leadership with other women. If you would like to participate in The Mother Lode, simply visit Karen’s website.

Karen is the author of several books, most notably:

“From the time you were born, and even when you were in the womb, your relationship with your mother served as a blueprint for your relationship with yourself. Your mother’s beliefs were the basis for your own. You learned to treat yourself the way your mother treated herself, and the way she treated you. This is generally an unconscious process.” ~ Difficult Mothers, Adult Daughters: A Guide For Separation, Liberation & Inspiration

Show notes:

  • The term “motherlode“ refers to the source of gold from which small nuggets originated, a principal source or supply.
  • Sometimes women are left out of the conversation about the divine feminine if they don’t identify with terms like ”goddess."
  • Our relationships with our mothers can serve as a blueprint for our relationships with ourselves.
  • Many of us have been our mothers’ “student” for decades and may have been handed beliefs and values about our bodies, identity sexuality, gender, etc.
  • A deeper examination of what our mothers taught us about emotion, power, and creativity can be a valuable source of insight and revelation as it relates to our own personal leadership.
  • If women are to have more say in the world, more of us need to understand and teach, directly and explicitly, and by consciously modeling the true nature of emotion, power, and creativity, not the current patriarchal definitions.
  • Many of us have been taught that emotion is weak vs. a powerful source of energy to summon.
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