Episode 26

Stephanie Redlener - Erotic Intelligence


June 3rd, 2020

44 mins 25 secs

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About this Episode

Stephanie is the founder of Lioness, a coaching consultancy dedicated to helping powerful women lead and live from a place of pleasure, power, and purpose. As a leadership and sexuality coach, she empowers women to awaken that seductive, magnetic place inside themselves so they can lead their business and lives from a place of inner strength and ease. Stephanie has a unique ability to flex between feminine flow and concrete masculine structures. She gives women permission to remove their armor and explore the more sensitive, sensual, and intuitive parts of themselves while also taking daring action towards their desires.  

Stephanie has a corporate background in talent strategy, culture change, and leadership development, working with Fortune 100 companies such as IBM, TDAmeritrade, and MetLife. She is also an expert in the feminine arts and is a graduate of The School for Womanly Arts, a certified Tantra & Sexuality Coach, Co-Active Leadership Coach, Femme! Teacher and KAP facilitator. She’s worked with hundreds of creative and talented women in over 20 countries to reclaim and honor their voice and power within.  

  • Sensuality is about knowing the nuances of your body and allowing your body to feel what it feels. 
  • Women are uniquely designed to intuit the world through our senses.
  • So many women feel like they should put themselves last and put everything and everyone before them.
  • Coming home to "I MATTER” is a pivotal coming home point for women. 
  • You have permission to be all of you.
  • Erotic intelligence is getting really clear on your desires and pleasure.
  • In order to get to pleasure we have to allow ourselves to be in our most primal nature to receive, be vulnerable. 
  • The leadership of the future is strong and compassionate, nurturing and powerful.
  • The “messy" feminine is where we can hear the sacred voice within us.
  • Women can hold grief and joy at the same time- our emotional capacity and range are remarkable.
  • To celebrate and honor all of our emotions in the body is to be fully embodied.

“I’m raising a son who can experience what a woman who is full of herself looks like.” 

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