Episode 39

Jeannie Spiro - Business of Feminine Design


September 2nd, 2020

52 mins 51 secs

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Jeannie Spiro is my business coach and an incredible resource and support for the many successful female entrepreneurs in my life. I invited her on the show to share more about her work in the world and how she views the role of Women in business - especially now as we are no longer doing “business as usual." Listen in as Jeannie offers a perspective for women who are running heart-centered businesses in these changing times, and what the world wants now.

Jeannie is a business strategist specializing in helping women, coaches, visionaries, and experts create a lifestyle business with more ease, income, and impact. Using her burnout to bliss method she helps them create a business model, revenue, streams, and sales funnels that allow them to achieve multiple six or seven-figure lifestyle businesses. After achieving multiple six-figure businesses, Jeannie hit extreme burnout. She repeated the same patterns again and again until she finally decided to break the cycle by redesigning her entire business. Within weeks of her redesign, Jeannie doubled her income by working half the time. As a result, she's taken her exact process and now helps other women design monetize, and grow a highly profitable business that complements their lives.

  • There's so much hustle and grind that goes into building a business, and there's a lot in achieving six figures, that by the time some people get the six figures they're sort of out of love with their business and they're overwhelmed and exhausted.
  • I'm seeing that this is a time for women to step in and really take ownership of the space, the entrepreneurial space, but doing it in a way that is coming from both the masculine and feminine side. There's a balance to it.
  • We are no longer doing business as usual, and there is a way to run a business that harnesses the masculine and feminine energy in a new way that serves.
  • Women are becoming more creative in the design of their business, so that can blend with the lifestyle that they want to have.
  • The pandemic forced us to shift into a whole new way of doing business.
  • Every year you want to try to work with your coach to help you develop a new area of your business.
  • Women need to look at what they are doing to refuel their energy because it’s in the receiving and the recharging that we are able to work more strategically and serve a broader audience.
  • When women have “full cup syndrome” nothing new can be born.
  • Covid has given many of us the opportunity to ask: what do I really want to be doing? And how do I want to be serving? * How do I want to be making money and how do I want to be living as a business owner?
  • Sometimes the secret to success and making a million dollars is learning to put your feet in the sand.
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