Episode 38

Andrea Mosley: Wild and Holy


August 26th, 2020

1 hr 57 secs

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*Remembering who we really are can take a while, especially when you’ve been raised in a society that has created impossible and distorted standards of beauty. *

Often by the time we are in grade school, we find ourselves becoming self-critical and lost in comparison and self-criticism. We are too much: too fast, too slow, too thin too fat, too short too round, too this or too that. Eventually, we forget who we really were before the world tried to change us into something we are not.

Andrea Mosley is the woman behind the brand Beautiful Soul. There was a time she did not know how beautiful she was, and she spent most of her days allowing everyone but herself to decide who she was and what she should be. After a lifetime of starts and stops, Andrea pursued a master’s degree in psychology which also led her to the world of metaphysics. Since her awakening, Andrea has made it her life’s mission to help women, in particular, remember their beauty.

Listen in as we explore what makes us beautiful and how to shift from our external understanding into a personalized internal understanding that moves us confidently into our deeper knowing.

  • Women with beautiful souls can attract unhealthy relationships, particularly narcissists.
  • Remembering who you are is an ongoing process and practice.
  • What makes a soul beautiful is the light and the height of our lived experience. The beautiful joys as well as the low points.
  • We are not just one-dimensional beings - we have to allow ourselves to be it all. We can simultaneously integrate all the parts of who we are while giving ourselves grace and compassion and love for all of it.
  • Disrupting disempowering and negative narratives takes a level of vigilance and noticing, but also self-love and compassion.
  • How we define beauty has everything to do with our ability to see ourselves as beautiful.
  • What we mean when we say someone is beautiful inside and out.
  • Don’t miss and dismiss and bypass the parts of us that perhaps don’t meet the conventional standards of beauty.
  • Beauty is found in the mess of the human experience.
  • In the mess we see our gifts, our character, our gifts of knowing who we are.
  • Beauty encompasses and includes a wide arc of definitions - both the wild and the holy.
  • Ascended Masters are wonderful teachers.
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