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Truth Speaks - Decolonizing The Mind

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Truth Speaks is a Black, Non-Binary, Trans-Queer Woman with Southern roots. She relocated to the state of Maine in 2011 to be an Evangelist. Truth is a Black Lives Matter Activist, Feminist, Writer, Femme, and Artist. She also has a long history in the medical field in nursing, then shifted her focus in 2015 to her work in Antiracism. She uses her art to draw attention to issues surrounding white supremacy, police brutality, and anti-Black racism, focusing on Black women. Truth is always looking for opportunities to empower women and share her lived experiences and truth with the world.

In this episode, we talk about Decolonizing the Mind and what it means to empower womxn by raising the awareness of unfamiliar intersections and conversations that other women like Truth encounter daily.

  • Truth chose her name because she has been seeking her truth with all of her heart and has become aligned with that truth, especially since coming out.
  • Truth feels liberated by giving herself permission to be who she is and to seek her truth, and speak her truth, no matter what.
  • No one can write your narrative for you, and your personal truth does not have to align with anyone else’s.
  • We are given these hidden scripts that dictate how we “should” live, love, and be, and these scripts can be incredibly harmful if you do not fit in a cultural box.
  • Truth agrees with James Baldwin’s writings - that we can disagree with one another, but it’s not ok to harm one another for being different or for having a truth that’s not a cultural “norm."
  • Truth was born into a male-gendered body, but this was not the essence of her spirit. Truth knew at a very early age who she was but felt that she could not be true to this due to her upbringing and what the church dictated.
  • Truth's mother knew she was having a girl, and yet, she birthed a boy.
  • It’s only in the past few years that Truth has felt like she can fully express who she is, and it’s made a tremendous difference in her health and her joy.
  • Black Mamas Matter focuses on the disproportionate rates that black women die in pregnancy and childbirth and how black women are treated based on stereotypes that subject them to unnecessary trauma and pain.
  • Truth is passionate about art, modeling, music, and self-expression based on activism around issues such as police brutality, disparities in health care, and the treatment of queer black and brown people.
  • We are seeing a lot of activity in progressive areas, but Truth understands that this is not yet the case in many places.
  • Truth wants to bring change to how Black and Brown Women are treated. She wants to create more spaces and have access to the same opportunities without being discriminated against. She also wants to help educate through her art, voice, and activism.
  • Pose, Drag, and J-Sette are art forms that are growing and being celebrated.
  • Silence is violence. Truth works to bring her voice to the many ways racism is covert and hidden and how it needs to be revealed.

I loved this conversation with Truth. I will continue to follow and celebrate her beauty, grace, and fierce love for humanity and her incredible stand for making change happen in the world. Thank you for all you do as a cycle breaker, artist, and activist.

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