Episode 58

Liz McCartney - The Human Mess & Accountability


January 20th, 2021

1 hr 24 mins 55 secs

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About this Episode

Liz McCartney offers healing wisdom and knowledge to humanity through her gift as a spiritual channel. She is a master teacher of Reiki and combines meditation and pranic healing in her work with her clients. Her focus is on creating a synergistic connection to help her clients embrace the human experience through the divine being. Imagine a synergistic relationship to healing through the divine being within you - this is the work of Liz McCartney.

Liz and I decided to riff on what is currently happening in our country and why it seems so much easier to blame, shame, numb, and deflect, and why it is so important that we start working on the unresolved and unhealed wounds within.

We hope that this episode will normalize the human mess with some intersecting conversations that may reveal more awareness and even normalize the healing process.

  • In this episode, we define "the mess” as something we either try to hide or won’t hold ourselves accountable for because we don’t want to look at our own shadows or unhealed wounds.
  • We have a choice to make; we can choose to be willfully ignorant of the root causes of our disruption, of our disparity, and our needs to heal, but in doing so, we not only do great harm within ourselves, we're actually harming the collective energy and creating a bigger mess.
  • Part of the journey of enlightenment and consciousness, however, requires us to overcome this struggle.
  • Nobody really wants to talk about hard things. We tend to disassociate from difficult situations and to avoid challenging topics that make us feel vulnerable.
  • We don’t often think of our ignorance as being willful, but as Liz mentions in this episode, it’s a choice to continue to choose suffering.
  • Many of us are hiding a mess in our lives behind a prettier picture we show the world.
  • Addiction, family dysfunction, and trauma are part of a perpetuated generational cycle if we don’t actively choose to break that cycle.
  • If you have grown up this way, you may not have a healthy model for behaving differently, but we have access to healthy models these days if we seek them.
  • Often we create enemies outside ourselves when the real war is the one we are having on the inside. Our refusal to look at ourselves as the original source of our own suffering is what contributes to many of the isms.
  • When we talk about creating more unity in the world, we first have to look at our own unity within ourselves. If we are fractured inside, we must be accountable for healing ourselves.
  • Qanon is perhaps an example of a movement of people who are hiding their own white supremacy, racism, sexism, unresolved rage, and fear, and are refusing personal accountability for the way things are in their own lives. Instead, they blame outside forces or direct their attention on fantastic distractions so that they don’t have to look at their own stuff.
  • We are all in an ongoing state of healing, but we will not get anywhere unless we take inventory of our own personal mess and ask for help and support where we need it.
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