Episode 60

Sandra Payne - Nurse Rx


February 3rd, 2021

49 mins 53 secs

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About this Episode

Join us for this revealing conversation as Sandra Payne and I discuss our healthcare workers' well-being, especially our nurses.

Sandra Payne is a Registered Nurse and the owner of Sandra Payne Holistic Wellness Coaching. She is also the founder of the Nurse Rx Coaching Program. To overcome her own struggle with burnout, depression, and anxiety, Sandra used a truly holistic healing approach that she refers to as her “Journey through the Canyon of Hope." She felt a passionate fire to guide other women on their own canyon journeys through coaching and healing, so she created the Nurse RX Program in which nurses learn and practice a host of skills and exercises to manage their own mental and emotional exhaustion through the combination of individual coaching and a powerful sisterhood of connection & support.

Show Notes:

  • Before COVID, Sandra recognized that our essential workers, especially our nurses, are part of an unsustainable system that almost guarantees their burnout.
  • Sandra has endured the struggle of anxiety and depression that’s so common with nurses.
  • The root causes of her anxiety and depression stem from undue pressure on herself to continue being of service when she was already at max capacity.
  • Burnout and the overwhelming demands of women are leading us down a path to mental and emotional overwhelm.
  • Sandra takes nurses through different stages of awareness and healing through what she calls “The Canyon of Hope.”
  • Burnout is incredibly common for our essential workers and nurses. Ironically, a large percentage of nurses end up in a state of illness or chronic fatigue due to the way the medical and health care system operates.
  • Sandra catalogs the risk of not addressing the signs and symptoms of burnout.
  • What's the risk to us if we don't address our signs and symptoms early?
  • Sandra encourages women to find a support system or coaching circle of women to receive support and help.
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