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Carole Marie Downing - Tune to Joy

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I love this conversation so much because it’s about the transformative power of singing and music for healing and attunement to ourselves and others. It’s about creating connections and daring to use the instrument of our bodies to bring our voices more fully into the world.

How beautiful is that?

Meet Carole Marie Downing, a coach, song leader, and facilitator passionate about creating resilience through challenging times. Her initial career was in nursing, working in areas of hospice and integrative medicine. She then shifted to coaching after receiving a master's degree in psychology, emphasizing consciousness, health, and healing.

She utilizes both her professional background and personal experience to gently support clients to tune in to their capacity to thrive. After a loss and significant life transitions, her most recent work as a song leader and music guide encourages people to sing and learn music in a way that creates connection and cultivates the transformational act of bringing our voices fully into the world. Carole Marie lives in Portland, Oregon, and loves hot cups of tea. She enjoys making music out of everything life offers up and going barefoot in the sand.

** Carole believes we can use music as a way to create more connection and bring our voices to the world.**

  • Attunement - If we were to look at an instrument that was out of tune, we wouldn't say that it was broken or hopeless; instead, we would tune it, and I feel this is the same with people.
  • If life isn't going exactly as we would like, and we are out of sync with the world, it’s simply a request for re-attunement and noticing where we need to come back into alignment.
  • We can look at our relationships with ourselves and others as being out of tune or in harmony.
  • Initially, Carole experienced music as a way to heal from the grief of loss.
  • Sometimes, life experiences can’t be captured in words, and only music can help us express and move through our pain. When we allow ourselves to feel that deeply, we become wise to the fact that there can even be other emotions felt while we are in pain, such as beauty and gratitude.
  • Our culture influences whether we feel safe enough or confident enough to bring our voices into the world. Many people have this idea that they have to sound a certain way to sing, which is not true.
  • It’s so important that more of us access our voices in this way and that we look at a chorus as a metaphor for our humanity. Sometimes there is disharmony, and this is always true; before we have harmony together, it’s a necessary part of the process.
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