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Nina Manolson - Body Peace

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This episode was very emotional and moving for me. I don’t know a woman who doesn’t have a negative relationship with her body, including me. There’s so much self-loathing about the skin we are in. Many women feel betrayed by their own bodies, and I don’t think we are aware that the more we self-loathe, the more the beauty industry wins. It’s tragic. This conversation with Nina is incredibly important and revealing.

Nina Manolson is a Body-Peace® coach. She helps women end the war with food and body to feel truly at home in their bodies. Really at home. The kind of at home where you can run around naked and not worry about what is “good enough” or what others will think. The kind of good that allows you to feel ultimate freedom and body peace.

Nina is also a Certified Psychology of Eating Teacher, Nationally Board Certified Holistic Health Coach, and Certified Body-Trust Guide.

She helps her clients move past the deprivation-diet paradigm and into a compassionate and powerful way of eating and living, which creates profound, long-lasting change in and with their bodies.

Nina works with individuals and groups and writes body poems – all in service of helping women create a respectful and nourishing relationship with their bodies. Learn more at: NinaManolson.com

  • Our culture is the issue, and the beauty industry shows up a fatphobia and weight stigma. There's a way that we're actually not treated as well. When we live in a larger body, there's a way that we're not welcomed.
  • The Patriarchy is a societal money-making machine that benefits off of our body shame, and it’s a 72 billion dollar industry.
  • It’s important for us to unpack and divest from the diet culture to reclaim ourselves.
  • There is no ideal size.
  • When we come into a relationship of body peace, we come into a relationship with the incredible wealth of wisdom that our body holds.
  • The messages from the media, and now social media, for our kids is brutal on their relationships with their bodies.
  • Our body should not feel like a prison. We deserve a different reality in our relationship with our bodies and food. We do not have to stay in that prison.
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