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_I love books. _

I love books so much that sometimes my husband has to ask for me to stop bringing them all into our bed at night so that he can have a place to rest his weary head. I mean, the nerve! He really needs his own bed.

Since I was a kid, my childhood dream has been to write a book, and now I’ve decided to make that plural because I am enjoying the writing process so much and have learned just how many stories I have inside me to share! This year I committed to seriously getting busy on this project and hired Bryna as my book coach.

  • Bryna is a woman with a reputation for making transformational books, magical books, and for helping writers alchemize their wisdom into gold so that they can share their ideas with the world in the most impactful way.

  • Listen to hear the most important things you need to know about choosing a book coach.

  • You’ll love what she has to say about her revelations on doing this work and why the pandemic helped her revisit her love of helping others to get their big ideas out into the world.

  • You’ll also hear about her passion for books written and edited from a place of integrity and why it’s so important that we keep writing quality books and putting impeccable work into the world.

Bryna Haynes is the founder of The Author (r)Evolution and CEO of WorldChangers Media. A nationally-known book strategist, speaker, ghostwriter, and editor, she has helped hundreds of thought leaders, teachers, healers, and enlightened entrepreneurs deliver their messages and radically uplevel their expert status through best-selling, impact-driven books.

Titles she claims in her spare time include:

  • faerie queen mama
  • self-reinvention savant
  • kirtan artist
  • LEGO castle designer
  • dragon tamer
  • luxury travel hacker
  • and connoisseur of kick-ass boots

Learn more about Bryna and her work at [www.theauthorrevolution.com](www.theauthorrevolution.com) or [www.worldchangers.media](www.worldchangers.media).

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